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JinXmushroom collector
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Location: JHB, South Africa

yippy i have finally after about a month of on off practice i have got the btb weave! not perfect but who is?

anyway! to any people trying to learn this trick, just remember, bend down and bend your knees slightly, it feels really weird at first but trust me it helps. dont forget to move out of the way.

im also curious. what is the diff between a low weave and a normal weave (3b)

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i8beefy2GOLD Member
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Location: Ohio, USA

I am coming closer now to getting this move. I am able to get one beat so far (Further than Ive gotten so far), because I somehow fell upon the limberness needed to get my arm around my back for one side... the problem is the way I transition into it is a fountain (I think, or something close to it...) and I go from a backwards weave to a BTB weave by pulling my right arm around from the left side of my body to the left side behind the back... Then it goes around in one circle and either one hits me in the head or they tangle.

The problem is that I am essentially going from a wall plane weave, not a side plane weave (I guess?), so all I've really accomplished leaving one poi stationary and turning my body instead of moving the poi around me... Still the feeling I get is that I am one or two steps away from figuring this blasted thing out... Maybe if I turn my legs 90 degrees I can force my body to figure it out...

Or get a new bump on the head anyway...

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