the disadvantage is that you will not be able to turn your butterflies. It is ESSENTIAL that you learn butterflies backwards and forwards, as well as split time etc etc..


NickCMonkey Wrangler
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Agreed. Learn it both ways. When I started, I had a fine time doing forward butterflies but when I tried it in reverse the chains would always cross or something would happen and they'd both fly at my face, leading to much discomfort. Eventually, after I got tired of bending my glasses (hooray for contacts now) and beating my facial area to pieces it just clicked. I found the best way to get by a move is to stop being afraid of getting hit. Don't try to hold them away from you or turn your head, just get in there and do it.

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Learn the BF both way....cause then you can do a
butterfly weave...witch bring you into another world of butterfly comboes, and you can easily dance around with it...( instead of a more static, one angle BF)
And the BF weave is a really nice move on it's own....

I like Fire.. :)

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You need to learn EVERYTHING in all directions. Moves build on moves and if you're weak in one direction then you'll notice it when you get to more complex moves.

I have found a useful practice to always start off practicing what is hard because as you get tired or frustrated you'll naturally move to stuff you can do easily. I also always try and learn new stuff focusing on my left hand (I'm right handed). My right hand picks up stuff from my left hand with very little practice, but it doesn't work the other way round.

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they are so wright ! everything in two directions ... the left hand should be able to do the same things as the right one ...

and once you are able to do both directions ... you spin around your own ax ... and if it goes fast enough ... youll take offffffffff ...

good luck !

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Wessexgirl, you and I are a rare breed.

I find it much easier 'backwards' too. (no innuendo intended)

I agree with everyone that you must learn it both ways but it is fine that one way is more comfortable than the other - you'll find that with almost any move you try.


Educate yourself in the Hazards of Fire Breathing STAY SAFE!

bluecatgeek, level 1
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YAAAY i like it, i also prefer revers stuff in general....

Holistic Spinner (I hope)

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It took me twice as long to learn the forward BF as the reverse.So I guess I'm in this boat too. I also find all the reverse BF variations easier too.

After I met Dom though the reason to know how to do all spinning moves in either direction became much more clear to me.

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