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Posted:I have discussed this idea with NYC before and was wondering if anyone has ever tried wrapping on inanimate objects(or even better,on inanimate people) while they were spinning.If so what have you tried?

While spinning a little earlier this evening I wrapped some guy's arm while he was walking by me and it almost seemed like I did it on purpose because I just kept on spinning.Hence the name,"sneak attack wrap".

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Posted:The double garbage can wrap I tried it, worked once though it left me in a odd spot, I kind of stumbled away in loose windmill.

as to wraping on other people, well, not quite. Though friday night alot of people walked into me. I'm pretty sure they were drugged up, I mean I was of in a corner and they'd make eye contact with me but keep on walking straight into me. The only good one wasn't really a wrap, I hit a guy while turning and ended reversing direction.

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Posted:The only inanimate things I've wrapped on (accidentally might I add) were a table leg once when I wasn't paying attention (it worked too!) and other people's poi. Hell I once got mine tangled in someone elses and yanked it out of their hand! I didn't even notice until I saw that he wasn't spinning anymore and one of my poi felt a little heavy.

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Posted:I wrap things and have oodles of fun, try handrails on the train, playground equipment, the odd or even person, just throw your poi at something and call it a wrap.

OK now for the pun I've been waiting for.....

That's a wrap! Get it?

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Posted:I had a friend of mine work up a punching and kicking routine, and I stood next to him and did wrap switches on his punches and kicks. (wrap switch = use poi with glow stick on each end, and let go of one after you wrap and catch the other one as it comes around)

I've tried inantimate objects to, but they aren't nearly as fun, and I usually end up wacking myself because I swing at it to fast and the poi bounces back realy hard

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