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how do you sort of (how the hell do i describe it) come out of butterfly into another move? what can you easily spin into after it? (apart from into backward weave which i find fairly uncomfortable.) im struggling to put moves together, especially this one. my pois just start flying everywhere if i try to simply return to spinning foward from butterfly. sorry if this has been asked a hundred times!

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erm theres a few methods,
wrap one poi around your arm un wrap and you con go right into a weave in either direction.
behind the head butterfly into corkscrew, this ones hard so i wont explaine it.
you can stop one poi in mid rotation and change its direction.
i sugest learning thread the needle to gain more control with the butterfly and then you will be able to do as you please with regards to swapping between opposite directions and same direction moves.

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from a normal butterfly you can go straight to a corscrew...just leading the pois to go in a horizontal motion....
or you can go to a windmill by letting the lefthand poi go horizontal over your head and pull it down in front of you ....

both ways are pretty easy to learn....

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Go into a butterfly weave Though you really arn't getting out of anything, just changing the direction of your butterfly. Another way would be as your bringing a behind the head butterfly back over and in front, you can transfer into a weave. With practice it can look alright, though while I've done it alot, it still doesn't look clean. The wrap to weave idea is a good one

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Here's my bit of advice! I say that you should learn all the variations of the butterfly ie. Overhead butterfly, TTN, Alternate Butterfly, Alternate butterfly combo, Reverse butterfly, split time butterfly, and the three point butterfly. Once u have gotten a majority of those moves down i suggest that you start doing wraps. If you do not like to do wraps then i suggest you practice with one poi going in one direction and the other poi going in the other. This way you can go from the butterfly into an alternative direction type swing thingy, and then spin in circles really fast with it (which does look cool) and as you turn leave one hand in the same spot until the poi go in the same direction, if you do it right and with spead it will seem perfect and you will not be able to tell the difference when u shifted the direction.

The butterfly family is different from the weave family simply because it has to do with the poi going in opposite directions, the only ways that you can get out of the opposite direction swings to forward or reverse swing is like i said: wraps, or leaving one hand behind as you turn to lag until the are spinning in the same direction. And one more way you can do this is by going directly from the butterfly to the weave (this does not nearly look smooth at all because the plane that the poi is on suddenly shifts which is certainly not pleasing to the eye at all. it can be done but it's a primitive way to get out of it, if i were you i would stick to the two ways i have mentioned above and the ways that others have described before me.

Happy butterfly(ing)

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