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i was reading some old post and im tryin to understand if its the same move that i do....if it is then cool, if not then i need a name of what im doing...
ok, its pretty simple really, its just a regular 3 beat weave, but the right hand is foward spin and the left hand is a backward spin, so one hand is doing a backward weave and the other is doing a foward weave..
it looks like a butterfly going side to side but crossing in the middle

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That'd be a butterfly weave as far as I understand things. It's easier in split time but difficulty is always fun. Try doing it with thread the needle too. Also a fun one.

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If you're doing it 3beat then it's the TTN 3bt weave, or if it's just 2beat (ie. one rotaion on each side) then it's the BTF weave. Either can be done in split or normal time.

Hope that helps

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please disregard the fountain.. there is no TTN fountain.. theres is only one fountain move and its a weave only move.. descriptions can be found here a video of me doing a fountain can be found here click ghost part two [beware big file][and i do mean big unless you have broardband]
butterfly weave current discussions can be found here and here .
please could this thread be closed or discontinued as there is no need for three threads to be discussing the same move?
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pah that's a ickle file.. me with broadband and all that.. .. but.. .OOOOO purdy

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