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Posted:Hey guys I read over Enigma's posting, but it hasn't helped much, the 1-2-3 weave on here looks simple enough, but I find that when I'm doing it, I get 1-3, and can't get that extra turn in (2)
Any suggestions? Or am I actually not weaving at all, and doing something else?? lol

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Posted:are you talking about turning a weave?

#1: your right poi goes over to the left [beat one][crosses over right arm]
#2: after beat one your left poi come over to its natural side [beat two]
#3: left poi goes over to right side [crossing over right arm] right poi has done beat three]

turns can be done on beat one [#1] if you do the above and want to turn you will have to turn to your left after beat one has been done and beat two comes accross.
turn to your right after beat three [#3]

this is as simple as i can put it for you. hope it helps.


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Posted:did you look at the web site I posted in the other newbiw weaver thread?

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