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I'm just messaging people who are learning 4 Poi Moves and wanting to know if any of you have found some tricks that you could share to help my vocabulary of 4 Poi Moves grow... Ummm Also too anyone who needs help with getting a Double One-Handed Butterfly going here's the easiest way that I can think of to go into them -

Start with 2 Poi on each hand however you feel comfortable holding them. If you have a set of heavy poi and lighter poi put the heavier ones on your ring fingers and little fingers. Start 2 One-Hand Corkscrews both out from the bottom and in from the top (If that makes sense). Here comes the semi-hard part, After you got both corkscrews going, the top poi on the index and rude finger have to go above your arms (still in the corkscrew motion) and the poi on your ring and little finger have to go below your arms. Now if you have the general movements of the One-Handed Butterfly down then start doing the movements and the poi should start doing Butterflies.

It's easy to do if you practise going into these movements one at a time. Then when you think you've got it do them together.

Note - After a week of practise I can get both arms doing One-Handed Butterflies individually this way but I've only been able to get it once with both at the same time and it looks really cool. It's easy to do once you get used to the movement.


PS - Please Post Other 4 Poi Moves & Transitions Here.

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surly every one should read this meteor thread, as meteors are exactly the same as 2 poi in the same hand tricks, 4 poi is just double meteor.

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not necesarily think one handed butterflys. There are many moves you can use 4poi and using the 1 handed butterfly you can do many transitions and strange effects. There are too many to mention now but here is one to get you started.

Split time one handed butterfly in one hand. The other hand does split time behind the back butterfly with the other two poi. and then you keep switching places. It is also possible to turn whilst doing these moves.

If you are still interested in 4 poi moves I have posted a few before in various threads. But I will return here if there is a demand!!

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