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okay, so far i'm not quite sure what an air wrap is. it sounds like it's when one poi wraps around the chain/string of the other. and if that's it, how do you get out of it? sometimes when poi get tangled i can step on one, pull the other and it will unwind really fast and that looks kinda cool. Um...my cat's breath smells like cat food.

Anyone else do sliding wraps? You wrap around a knee or elbow and as the poi almost completly wraps around it, it slides off and shoots out straight ahead (optimally)... like how a spaceship can slingshot around the moon? Cept its your elbow not the moon. And its a poi instead of a spaceship...and it's not in outer space...and it's a- well, you get what i mean.

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As far as I know that is what everyone refers to an air wrap as being.Though I don't know if anyone here actually does them.

The sliding wrap you are refering to is more commonly known as a Hyperloop.You should check some of the other threads as they have quite a few about these.

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a hyperloop is just a specific airwrap - one where the strings cross halfway between the handles and the poi heads, making the poi spin in smaller circles for the time that they are tangled.

the strings tangle on one side of your body and if you move them to the other side (while keeping them spinning), they will neatly untangle.

quite a few peeps around here do them (santanatwo has some crazy variations) and they are discussed a bit in here - skim through to find the bits you want.

not sure about the sliding wraps - i've certainly done them by accident but never really played with them at all.

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we just went over those sliding wraps in the meteors section, actually, as they are a move that evolved from the rope dart and chain whips. we are unofficially calling them "dragon's tongue" as per maiximus' training, and we listed a couple of variations.

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is THAT what im doing, sliding wraps. what a good name, ive been stuck on what to call them for a month now. thanks! elbow huh? i'll have to go check that out..

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I have a friend, paul, who does them. He was trying to learn a 5 beat weave, and ended up doing that instead. I didn't know they had a name. I still haven't figured out how he does them. He basicaly just lets the poi wrap around an arm, and yanks on it realy had and the poi comes flying off. That part is easy, the part I don't get is that he will do them from a forward weave and they stay going forward the whole time. every time I do them I end up reversing the spin... which is how it should be. maybe he is using the force?!?!?

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