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hi im new 2 this... i can do a few moves but datz it i can do :
fd/rev weave
and da stuff listed on homeofpoi

can sum1 gimme a lost of moves and how 2 do them? id really really appreciate it.. i need 2 practice some new moves
besides btb stuff and 5 beat and quad moves those r 2 advance i plan 2 learn all da other stuff then do those
thx again i really appreciate it ^_^

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seach this part of the board as we discuss any moves here, also try doing a search located at the top of this page.
you could also purchace the art of Poi video, or the Circles of light compilation videos, and michal's Poi book from the Home Of Poi shop online.

on this board there are many listed moves which you can find from searching, also search for others in your area to meet up with, look under the meets section to see if theres a Poi meet nearby as there are many groups that meet regular around the world.


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If you really can do all those basics, you should try working on your own for a while instead of just imitating others moves. not to say you cant learn from others, but shortly after one gets the basics down is when one can really develop his or her own style. Just thought I'd share that, unless all you want is a big list of moves yuo can do, if thats it gluck, and your best bet would be to buy this sites video circles of fire.

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I completely agree with abx, your own style is what defines a good spinner. It's not the moves that you can do or anything like that it's the style you put into it. But if you must practice new moves then i would say do the butterfly, and the TTN, overhead butterfly, alternate butterfly and alternate butterfly combination. For a while i just avoided these moves because i didn't think they looked cool at all, they just looked extremely stupid. Later i found out that all these moves add so much to fluidity and style, and you can do so many more wraps from the TTN and butterfly moves than anything else. You should also check out the list of 52 wraps on this website, so just go through the free lessons for Poi, and look for moves that you don't know, and learn them even if you think they are stupid. BTB moves are extremely hard to do at first but if you just give your arms a few weeks to get used to the movement of btb stuff it's so easy you won't be able to figure out what was wrong with you that you didn't learn it sooner. Do not limit yourself to only moves infront of you, the sooner you learn the moves behind your back the more control you will have over your Poi, and the more style you shall develope!



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Oh yes, Welcome to the boards!!!!!!!



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i would say search the archives for threads posted by glass, he seems to have a way with words that i cant seem to master, I find it very hard to understand anything writen and try to imagine in my head whats going on but his treads are understandable. this is my oppinion but hey thats what you asked for. te he

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Practise, practise, practise - your style and more importantly YOUR tricks will come - why copy when you can create your own?

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