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I've been doing poi for about 2 years now, and have developed a number of throws. Some ranging from short throws to ones 20 feet or so into the air. Its taken almost a year to perfect, and more than one accident =)Unfortunately, I havent meet anyone other than a close friend of mine ( we developed our skills together) who does any of the things we do... thats why I am making this post, in hopes of hearing more about your experiences with throws and maybe get together and share some moves. Hope everyone has a good new year, peacezzz

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not tried it with fire yet, but have played about a bit with it practicing. I have the problem that I can't get my fingers back in the loops after i catch, instead for the rest of the session i have my index figer hooked through the split ring bellow the handle. I guess it'd be easier with swinging clubs.

I'm an awfully bad juggler, so I can't offer any advice on throwing and catching objects (i'm pretty good at dropping thou), but i'd love to hear any moves you have.

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Hey Abxtrak,

I do throws in most of my burns, i really like to do them after one of my poi blows out (one ALWAYS goes out, way before the other) cause it just changes the flow of the act. and its easier then with just one poi. can you name your throws for me please??
i do single handed one, two and three rotation throws, that last one probably like the 20 foot one you do.
With two poi i can do single and double rotaition throws.

umm, behind the back throw (one rotation) and in reverse butterfly, release one poi (i normally do my left) for a one rotation throw the catch it, straight back into butterfly.

For any people wanting to get into throws, its not as hard as it looks. like all things it needs practice. start of doing throws in the day time, after a while youll get the feel of it and you can normally tell where to catch the poi by watching the rotation of the head, even at night.

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i do some throws while spinning and have even done some on fire...but its not a normal part of my routines just cuz im honestly not that good with em yet....but im trying. they make for some badass effects tho.

its to dying in anothers arms and why i had to try it......

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I've been practicing some "suicides wraps" as they're called but haven't been doing them for very long so not much to share here. Would definitely like to hear about some of yours though as I do intend on learning them.The only one I do with-semi consistency is arm wrap releases.
NYC was telling about a guy who does a lot of these who uses large metal rings rather than finger loop handles.Someone calling himself "Skunk".

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Skunk is a legend.

i club swing as much as i do poi, so throws work good for me.

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Theres a post from the past you may be interested in called the wide wide world of throws.Check it

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I've been doing throws for a while now... I too have a 20 footer, and I find one that is really great for crowds is doing one wrap around your arm and letting go, so you get a full circle around your arm... It's funny that people on the other side of the world can think of the same things... and never of meet...

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throwing under the leg, spinning forward always works well for me.

a really difficult one, still not flawless, is from a butterfly.
Leave both go,
turn 90 degrees into the middle,
catch one at either side and spin in opposite directions for a few rotations, throw again
catch back in butterfly.

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The thing I have a problem with understanding is how in the hell are you able to throw a poi??

I mean, with a staff it's ok, but a pair of poi must be totally uncontrollable when launched into the air.
Anyone got some footage of this (video & pics or sumthing?)...
It's sounds totally crazy to me...
But I'm just a newbie...

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When you throw one it still stay in one wall plane,dificult is to catch back the handle in right time.Did you try it? Its only crazy looking.


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Well when you throw them they will rotate around the centre of gravity of the poi... which would be pretty much on the ball with regular poi and a bit further up the chain with fire poi. So you can tell whereabouts the handle will end up... then it's just good hand-eye coordination

Of course I suck at this sort of thing so I think I'll give it a miss for now

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its good to hear poeple are trying throws out there. just to clear this up I meant throws with fire, glowsticks I've been doing since I was 18 and throws with that are not as difficult. I hope that this thread has inspired more poeple to do throws as I never ever ever see anyone do them other than me, and I want to know what they look like not on vid!
I am surprised to hear people dont do them more often though. Just to give you some ideas, its possible to do throws with fire consistently. I do it all the time, easiest are single rotation throws, and and easy one to learn first is reverse butterfly throws. Pick a poi to throw and throw it under and over the arm that has the spinning poi. I highly recommend to try to do this not with fire first as mainting the spining poi and catching a flying chain can be not only difficult, but hgihgly dangerous, belive me I've lost plenty of facial hair and have a couple of burns to prove it. anyway if anyone is from the boston area and wants to spin I'm always down. peacezzz

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I don't know if this will actually help but for all who want to learn throws practice in the dark.Catching the handle when you can see it and when you can't are two very different things.And don't try to go ultra fast while learning.

Hey Abxtrak I'm only an hour an a half from Boston.Where do you spin there?Do you know Tito?PM me and maybe I could shoot up there or you could come down here sometime.

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PK, you're a crackhead!

Skunk even posted a video on HoP... His throws are sweet, he spins long poi but isn't as vocal in the poi world.

And yes, he exists.

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there was a topic on this a good while ago, like a year of more.

as for the handles/straps thing being a problem you could try the open loop ones or try using wooden ones. i have some pieces of like broom handle cut down to about 6 inches and they work a treat for catching as well as just in normal spinning.

you could try double throws, at the same time, or alternatly and throws behind yourself then turn and catch or even to each other could be cool. you gotta experiment byself unless you`ve got something to watch.

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