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Heyla All,I'm VERY new to all of this. So I wanted to ask all of you a question. I got involved in poi and fire stuff at a large alternative festival in Sherman, NY U.S.A. I was enraptured the moment I saw someone do it for the first time, and HAD to learn how to do it myself.What I was wondering was how many people, like me, go to big festivals and twirl?Oh, By the way the festival that I am talking about is Starwood. If anyone wants to check out the site of the festival. Here it is
to all, Peter "There is a rhythm that unites us with the natural world. The more we learnto feel that rhythm and get it into the mainstream of our lives, thestronger can be our spirit."--- Robert Rodale

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I spin at large festivals all the time.It's the most fun!Wanders off to get ready for this weekend...

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