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Okay, now it might not be so special to you guys, but I've been spinning for two years and STILL have not been able to get the behind the back weave, until a nice loud set of recorded Orbital and a few ankle bruises last night!!!!

So how did I do it:

with only one poi in my right hand, pass the poi behind my back spin once on the outside of my left arm, then second spin between my left arm and body... repeat.

Repeat for left hand on right side...

With both hands... hit ankle once.. twice, bash the back of my head, wrap it around my arm and smack my butt....

10th time.. VOILA!!!

Arms are hurting like a bitch today but I will give them another whirl this weekend until I can do it without bruising myself!!!

Very happy girl indeed.



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Nice one!! Took me ages too..

Now try to streach the muscles in your arms by clasping a wrist behind your back and lift slowly with arms straight - you can incorporate some yoga and breathin into it too by bending carefully at the waist. BUT do not push to hard in this position as it can be a bit owie!... this will help with BTB too..

Hope you don't get too many bruises..

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

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nice one dtkb!

i avoided this move for ages too - everyone told me how hard it was to learn forwards btb so i just didn't!
can do it now though

like misstix said, stretching really helps - i tend to bend over at the waist quite a lot to do btb moves so i've been trying to increase my bendiness so i can stand up straight.

well done!

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rock on. bendiness is a plus.

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I wish I had more bendiness, my bendiness levels are not very high.

It is a great feeling to finally get that move

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