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Hey, just thought of something i saw at a rave i went to recently. This one kid there would get set up to do the move by doing a bunch of wraps to get them into the butterfly. With the butterfly still going he would drop to his knees then slowly lean backward until laying down with his legs still in a sitting position (something i could do in kindergarten lol, i'm not very flexible). At this point in time he would have a horizontal butterfly going, like directly over his chest, and then he started to do the TTN. This gave an extremely cool effect that got people screaming. It looked as though they were flying above him and he was punching the air but his hands never got tangled in the strings!
super stuff! just thought i'd share with you guys dunno if u've seen it before but after all it is the new moves section, might as well inform y'all.

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Dunno about lying down but I do this one over the top of my head... looks nice, and you can turn around doing it and drop out either into foward or reverse TTN.

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Yeps that is a very cool move - I can do it lying flat on the ground with fire.. makes me nearly sh*t my pants coz it's scary but hey it looks good!

I find the hard bit is getting up from horizontal - took loads of practise..

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haha i did that in a competition here last year...
and i remenber a kid tried to do it also but he just messed up hehe well that sucked.... poor kid i would have teach him to do it if he just asked me i like teaching!

too bad the competition wasnt for the one that was more skilled was for the one that had more friends of him screaming:P
i hate competitions when the crowd is the judge
the damn kid that won was cause he brings all his friends there and even if he sucked he won i was like OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats not possible hehehe

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