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Posted:Hi my real name is Elliot, I'm new here but i would like to share with you some moves i think i might have invented. I call this family of moves the decapitations purely because if you don't duck in time the poi will smack you in the head.

A simple 'decapitation' is doing a 'chasing the sun' type move horizontal and behind you back passing in the low space under your arse with your knees bent and a high circle when you quickly lean forward.

Once you can do that do the same with a type of corkscrew action behind the back this is called a 'screw loose'

Then if you are feeling really really stupid like i, you can attempt the mother of all decapitations this is called a 'time warp' due to all the pelvic thrusting going on but its basically a quad corkscrew behind the back.

so... eh? Waddaya think?????

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Posted:welcome iop,
these are awsome moves, i have a video of a guy from canada called nick doing these style moves and very very good too. if only my back wasnt busted up i'd be trying them, but for this moment of my life i will have to pass i will settle for offset weaves.
oh and avoid those NEWBS where ever you can their pests. lol


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