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Hey !!

I was just wondering how long it takes to be "good" ...assuming one isn't a coordination looser ? When did you pro's know it was the right time to start with the fire poi ? Just started and can't get enough ! By the way anyone know anyone in Germany that does poi ??

Greetings Nina

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I kinda believe that "good" is when you make poi (or other art) your own - i.e. when you stop doing "techniques" like what's on the tutorials or whatever, and start doing things with your own personal flavor and style.

For example, some spinners are known for being fluid, graceful, or sexy, while others are more known for speed and agility. You've got crazy spinners, freaky spinners, artistic spinners that make it look like a dance, aggressive spinners that make it look like a weapons demonstration... the sky's the limit.

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I'll agree with that. Hrmmm... though I'm not sure how strongly. I think that someone who can cleanly do most intermediate poi moves is pretty good. And someone with their own style who doesn't have much technical grace wouldn't automatically be "Good".

I do agree that if someone has elevated a clean technical style to the point at which it is personal and unique, they'd have to be pretty good though.

As for me, no style here! But that's what keeps me from actually being good. (No, not just trying to get sympathy chicks... I don't use fire for that... )

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First time i did fire poi's was 1 week after i started learning it,only knew the forward and backward chase....drunked and stoned on a rooftop in a Melbourne hostell....but it went ok cause once you see the fire you thinking...."oops this is serious" so you really focus....
And if you have to get used to the fire anyway so just light up and have some fun

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2 cents==> i did fire 2 days after i started learning. prolly not the smartest thing but its different when you have no idea. i remember how cautious i was. i would know EXACTLY where each flame was. not like when one gets good and kinda knows where the poi are. but how id watch SO close. i actually wish i could get that feeling again. dont get me wrong. its cool to "get good". learning new moves rocks. but dont be in such a hurry to "get good". itll come. enjoy the fact that you can still scare yourself.

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So my 2 is that you should light up when you can spin for about 10 minutes without hitting yourself. You don't need to know a lot of fancy moves, just have enough that you feel that you can keep spinning for as long as the poi are going to burn.

1) Be safe. There are a number of safety resources on HOP, so I won't go into that too much. But have a spotter.

2) When you first light up, you will notice that the pois are suddenly bigger, brighter, and noisier than you've ever seen them be. You also won't be able to see the chains anymore because they'll be drowned out by the light of the fire. This can be scary. Assuming that you don't have metal pieces sticking out of the bottom of your pois, take one of them and lightly set it in your hand. Get used to the idea of touching it and figure out how long you can touch it before you have to yank your hand away. Getting comfortable with the idea of touching the fire poi will make you a more confident spinner.

3) When you decide to spin your pois, go easy and be gentle. Don't do any moves that you aren't sure of. If it's your first time, do it in a small, private gathering of people you trust who will support you. No need to add the additional stress of trying to please a crowd at the same time you light up.

4) When one poi goes out, twirl them both really fast to put the other one out. Burning your poi down more than you need to is bad for the wicks.


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