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When you do the reverse btb weave do you have to move your legs out a lil so they dont get hit? Any tips on this move? Is it hand positioning? I got the forward btb weave and 360 but I'm having trouble with this one.

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Yeah I had troube with this one too. I had no1 to learn from either and it was just a lot of practise. Basically, I was doing the same as you and hitting my legs all the bloody time. The way I sorted it was to lean a little with the weave in order to encourage the poi to swing out. As you swing them across the other side behind your back, conciously try to ensure the poi take a wide swing.

Another thing is you need reletively good flexibility in your arms and wrists. I practised putting one arm behind and across and swinging one poi on its own for ages without hitting my leg. Then, with one poi again, practised swinging it on one side then behind the back and on the other side. Once I had this sorted with both arms the weave FINALLY came together.

Hope this helps, and remember to stretch those arms out plenty before you start - pulling them behind your back and loosening them off.


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again, please do a search! there are OODLES of threads on the reverse btb weave......

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