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Been trying this for ages.

I can get some turns in sometimes but they always look awkward and don't feel right like it does when I do it in front.

It seems that whenever I do it Im uncrossing the poi and restarting the weave the other way round instead of twisting into it.
Does that make sense?

Can anybody divulge a few nuggets of wisdom to make this task easier?


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Yeah, this makes tons of sense because if you just spin around in a circle it never makes a complete rotation, it's like a half a weave on each side u spin on. if you do the weave then stop let it go back to the other side then turn again, that's what a full one is, which is probably the feel your trying to get but if you are doing one huge continuous spin it will only do half a weave on each side. i could make this confusing but i'm stopping here.

TorrentSILVER Member
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I'm with you dude
my btb turns are barely a forward weeve more like a single beat weave

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yo im with saggyd on this one. start the weave then do the turn and the poi should be doing the backwards weave, then onve youve done another full weave turn again. thats what i get anyways, and style is everything.

if practice makes perfect, and no one is perfect, then why practice?

vain-ego pkvain-ego pkBRONZE Member
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the turn happens when ur leading arm/poi crosses to the other side (its that first beat).

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