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This year my friend and I are performing our senior show. We were banned from using glowsticks, so we have to use our practice poi (which are still pretty, but not quite the same eye cathers).

The one thing I want to learn for the show is the 4/5 beat weave/chase.
I need help. I've been trying to do this for months now, and I don't think I understand the concept of it. can someone point me in the right direction please????????????


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have you done all the useusl suspects, like the hop lessons:

Hop lession jo's explaination with video

explains beats in nerdy terms

thats a start.
after that you got to be more specific

good luck

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Location: MD, USA

Yes I have tried those, and I can't seem to get it. My hands don't seem to want to do anything BUT the regular weave. And my sets are so light that I can't seem to go slow enough to do the move and think at the same time....GAH!

Maybe I should put blocks on the end or something!

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banned from using glowsticks??!!
did you ask about fire??

the way i learned it was that ..
(stops and tries to think about how to explain stuff over the net)
well, when you are doing the regualr weave, the right hand leads the cross-over to your left side.
on the 5 beat weave, the LEFT hand leads that cross-over.
you kinda just have to make your right hand stay on the right side of your body for one more turn (beat) and get your wrists right so that your left hand can lead , followed by your right hand.

and then switch everything for the left side.. (LOL.. if it was only that easy.)

i hope that helped.. i'm afraid that came out as a grip of gibberish.

if you have any questions, just ask.


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Just my tupence worth but if I was performing for the public I wouldn't rush to learn the 5 beat weave as visually it's pretty much like the 3 beat, and looks sloppy if you haven't mastered it. Instead I'd work on a rountine with lots of variation and style to keep the audience.

And banned from using glowsticks? Why?

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Location: MD, USA

We were blames for promoting drug use.


But I've gotten just about everything down that's easier than the reverse...

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