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  Posted: Just recently started throwing my Poi and have managed to put together some nifty little sequences.Trouble is,when it comes to lighting up in the dark i find it very difficult to see the handle/chain as it spins,making the catching pretty much guess work.As the fire is so bright it kind of cancels out the handle(made of a ball type thing rather than the traditional finger loops).Tried many things such as tying to brighten them up but nothing seems to help.
Any ideas??

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  Posted:maybe you could buy that glow in the dark body paint/spray and spray it on there? Or the florescent kind. I know some places have lil blinky dots u could put on them, but i dunno where to get em

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  Posted:Glow in the dark paint `
just remember to charge it up by holding it under a bright light for a few mins before you light up....

I have a friend who''s just painted the handles on his juggle fire clubs with GID paint, he says it works pretty well!

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  Posted:You dont have to know where the handle is,all you have to know is the wire is connected to the it should be just behind flame or youd be able to see it.
so,throw the Poi,find the wire(the hard part)then slip your hands toward the handle.the weight of the Poi should do that anyway.

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