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Before the old timers jump in and kick my butt I DON"T want to turn this into which is better. (We've had some nasty fights between the ravers and the fire spinners and I DON"T want to revisit that again!)

Rather, after reading a post in the "technical section" I'm curious as to who can do both equally well?

I never consider myself good but I can do any trick that I know on both glow and any weight poi just as easily. Yet it seems that whenever some fire ninja gods pick up glowsticks they look right foolish. And I've seen ravertypes pick up heavy poi and crash and burn (unlit thankfully.)

Are there others that feel just as ambidextrous? Or am I the ambassador of the fire-glow alliance?

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]

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I tried Dom's Aerotech poi before and was like,"These are the coolest things I have ever seen".I so badly want a pair of my own.

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To bad the whole Aerotech stuff gotta be so expensive...

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I can get in the zone with both, but Glo is Not as Intence a Meditation!!!!
After Fire I am floating around glowing!
Glow sticks don't do this for me.
I have been to raves, I usually don't buy gloStx, I just barrow and show off some new trix.
Blow away the compitition by surprise, I say.
After fiddling with the stix for a while, I bring out the Fire, and Blow thier minds!
Although I do Like the Danger of the LED Beaming Poi! (They feel like LED Balls)

Eather / Or:
Close your eyes, and Flow like water!
~fire spirit


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The Aerotech's are really expensive but they would be so worth it.I have never noticed a difference in my spin except when I'm using the death poi.I spend a lot of concentration on not hitting myself with them.

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I was messing around with glo stixx last night, cuz for the longest time I just felt like a kandee kid spinning them when I could use fire. But then I started trying more complicated wraps that I couldnt do with fire, and most of em worked. Loox like NYE I'll get a chance to practice alot more with them. But I too forgot how much fun they were..

Fire for me means more, not only because of the danger but because you have more respect for it, and it's a living thing, an element that I'm having communion with. And the sound, I'll never get tired of that.

Howevah, the one handed stuff for me is much much easier, all the bf's work without whacking each other, even btb and overhead n bf crossovers, all easier w glo stixx..My style changes with what I use, and how heavy or unwieldy it is, sometimes to suit what looks best with the implement, or just whatever kind of trixx I feel like pulling, or how much pain I feel like going thru if somethin screws up, like landing a meteor thro w double wixx on your head

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