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Ok, i know all the moves under Poi-lessons and plus a few more that i've made up myself, and i don't know what direction to go, because now it seems as though it splits off into 3 paths, 1. I could become a master at all the moves that i currently know (as though i am not already hahaha) 2. Make up moves myself which seems to be extremely hard lately, but i get a huge sense of self achievement when i make 1 up that looks good, or 3. learn things like wraps and throws and things to mix it up, i know it would be really hard for me to be making up new moves and learning throws at the same time because it seems as though throws take a lot out of you, and a lot of time along with that. of course i will master all of my moves eventually, but i do tend to neglect some which i referr to as the "girlie spins" such as the Giant butterfly and Giant windmill because personally i feel like a flaming idiot when i am spreading my arms out like that. lol, I guess in the end i just want some advice of where to go, and if throws are really worth the time or if i can get a lot out of just makin' stuff up and see what would be better to start working towards. THANKS! -Saggy

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I'd go for options 1,2,3 and 4, which would be hunt down other spinners for ideas, check the vids on this site, and the COL vids. Lots of good stuff. And explore everything, do silly things, experimentation is the key.

"i feel like a flaming idiot when i am spreading my arms out like that" - complete rubbish! With that attitude you will probably never be a good spinner. Do what ever you want to do, do silly stuff, girly stuff and you'll find so much more to do. There's a lot more to those moves if you explore them, and a variety in circles is what will make your spinning look interesting.

Hope that helped

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Ok, thanks a lot man. I am just kinda foolin' around cuz i didn't know what to do already. I'll video tape myself doin' the girly moves and see how they actually look, maybe i can find a way to make them more guyish. Too add to that i don't know any other spinners in this area, are there any good places where i can make some contacts or something i'm in seattle washington area. I am currently teaching one of my friends how to spin. I've tried to teach others but they are just too impatient. I have yet to buy a COL video, i haven't heard much about them and i'm kinda low on cash savin' for some cathedrals.

Thank you, i'll keep yer idea in mind.


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Buy them. They rock, kick ass, and everyone is so great to watch.

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Just remember that at the end of it all, Poi is just spinning things in circles, PERIOD. Everything else is a variation on that theme. Despite what anyone else might tell you, that is it, they might look cool, be a lot of fun to play with, and help you get layed, but all it is, is spinning things in circles. So if you are worried about 'girley' things, get over it. The best spinner I have ever meet is a girl, and the day you can touch her... So if a move looks easy, so what. I gat paid to do this, and the crowd's favorite move isn't something really hard to do, it is something that looks cool.
And if you arn't doing it for a crowd, but for yourself, then how can it be girley? You are doing it right, and you are only concerned with how you are doing, so who cares about what they think? Either way it dosn't matter.


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I know what you mean about the girly moves, but recently I've found that you can sometimes alter them to make them a bit more manly. I was deadset against threading the needle until very recently. Even a buzzsaw can be done in a masculine way. Also, it's "important" to know how to do those moves as variations are often numerous on any given move.

My advice? Make your own cathedrals and buy a video.

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