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Posted:Hello Everyone

Adding a little contribution to the Poi Moves... I don't know if this has already been covered but when doing a thread the needle, with practise, you can get one of the Poi to do three circles (Triple Stitch) before the other Poi is threaded. To dumb it down (no offense to the people who still don't understand after this) you start with a normal TTN (Thread The Needle). Then as you are threading you should find time to make one of the Poi rotate faster then the other one producing more circles before you have to thread the other Poi. Did I just repeat myself Anyway, I hope this makes sense.


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Posted:Think I see what you mean. I'll have a try with that one.
Another interesting TTN variation: with short Poi (unless you have really long arms), when one hand goes over the other arm (forward TTN), put an extra circle in before moving it in front of the other Poi. You need to cross your arms quite far to get the circle in.


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