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So, this is going to be sheer opinionated commentary here but....I have noticed lately, not only on this board but in email discussions, icq discussions and with some of the people I have met that there seems to be this "look at my scar" mentality as if we were comparing combat wounds. Now, I realise the bumps and bruises and the occassional singe are par for the course but why brag about them? I understand sharing wounds so that others might not make the same when you toss the staff try to keep a good eye on it so that it doesn't bop you in the head, don't blow into the wind type things. However the "And I got the coolest scar from 50 stitches cause my comet poi broke open my juggular" is really assinine. I know there are viable reasons for injury (taking the injury so an idiot cutting through my performance space wouldn't, bad directions for equipment making, etc). Things go wrong occassionally, fine, but I have been reading about people who are just playing and attempt something they are not ready for or who are trying to impress someone and they fall into an injury, or sometimes it is just sheer irresponsibility. Injury is nothing to boast about. You are not taking a bullet for your country (which I still think is stupid) which there is at least honor in.I am, as are most at least paying people, far more impressed with the people who do not have a body full of burn/slash scars than those who do. It just seems that a body full of scars represents an ineptitude (no I am not saying you are inept, I am saying that is how it appears when saying "and I got this trying to impress a chick with my stick). I don't get it and I realise maybe it's just me. I am not the pissing contest type. I just had to say my peace since this has been on my mind a fair bit lately.
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Oh and my little smilie decides to go and not work. Gah, what a bad day... I haven't got anyone to go to volcano anymore either...Anyone with anymore "wrongs unredressed or insults unavenged"?{off topic off topic ok ok so shoot me}

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seayaIf I may say so, "swapping war stories in the virtual pub" is poetryPele it sounds like you might need to loosen up a little bit, I dont want to cast aspersions on anyone but I think more time with your whipping boy may be needed. Code128Protozoa you can relax a little as well, "Chill people, it aint no thing, relax kick back, while we do it to you in your ear hole"


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baah.. dredging up an oldie here... (i did a search on scars and this was first one i read)

Anyways.. wow.. very interesting read... Now the reason i was searching was because even though i've been spinning fire for over a year now in the last few months i've actually gotten scars instead of just a very minor burn from bounces (intended and unintended). I don't think i am perfect at poi or staff, not by far, but I don't consider myself poor at either. I scarred the underside of my right upper arm with my staff by catching it while loosing my balance due to the terrain. Was a complete accident.. am i happy about messing up? no. am i a masocist? no. did it hurt? not very much (although it was a pretty bad burn). Since I have to live with it do i like the scar? yeah sure... it was a lesson.. "let the staff fall if you're loosing your balance, loss of face is better than 3rd degree burns"

Now the other 2 scars i have... what caused them wasn't accidental.

1. switching from windmill to r-butterfly by wrapping ryt poi on left arm, its a bad idea without some kind of protection (which i forgot while midst the intoxication of spinning my 10th+ set of the night). Was i happy? no. Does it look kewl? hell yeah.. IMHO Doesn't mean i would have done it intentionally. Doesn't mean i screwed up the move either.. pulled it off perfectly...but i wasn't wearing a long sleeve shirt or bracers.

2. single poi neck wrap. i've done this dozens of times without burning myself. this time though my hand was a tad to far to one side and instead of bouncing off it, the poi bounced off my neck. very quick.. very painful, but not a bad burn. not sure how happy i am that i got it (ecspecially since the neck is hard to cover up). I will definately be a tad more careful about my neck wraps now. will it occasionally b a "brag".. probally...

now does this make me a stupid or unsafe twirler? not in my opinion. I do my best to make sure everything is safe when i spin, because I, as do we all, do things that when done by a stupid and unsafe person could cause major problems, to myself and others.

I definately can see where its considered a battle wound of the "ha i survived this"-type, ecspecially when it was a "i was doing this, and accidentally did this, and now i have a new move, i just need to wear when i do it from now on"

and the "let this be a lesson to you" is a very understandable direction as well.

So now that I've got that out... l8rz...


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funny this has come up...I was thinking of starting a scar thread. Not to prove how tough you are or anything, just just because there are interesting stories behind most scars. thought it would be cool to share them.

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