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I have been stringing for about 10 months off and on and everytime i go to a club to
string or just fool around there is always someone there trying to out do me especially
guys from austin. They always tell me that I shouldn't even be stringing because only
people from Austin can do it. It's weird like they always try to battle me and my friends
and i thought that stringing wasn't all about that. Eventually we do end up throwing
a session. We usually win and they get mad cause they say we have no right to be
stringing, that san antonio is not a rave city like austin. I love to go to austin and when i
do and string down there the guys there never give me shit if anything they help me
so why do they think that when they come over here they have something to prove.....
no disrespect to all the ravers in austin but why do some people tend to do it..........


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They must be jealous of your skill... and can't settle for copying (flattering) you. It's a shame but some of the people in WA are that way too. I find that if one person is ignorant enough not to help or be helped by someone else with the same type of talent, then the former person is best left alone to contemplate their own misconceptions of what is actually unique.

That may have been too awkward of an explanation but it's the psychological equivilant to telling military personel to go polish their chevrons.

Personally I get a good laugh out of someone who says they are better than anyone else at anything, and then tries to go and prove it. All that they are really accomplishing is proving that they do it differently, once they realize this they become much more pleasant people to be around. For the time being, plenty of elbow room is a much better policy.

Good Luck with any uptight person that acts like they have been force-fed a bag of limes. Don't let them get to you, elseways it would simply bring you down and not allow you to realize that what you do is beautiful and wonderful. I'm sure you already know that but it is definately worth repeating.

In conclusion, I'm sure that said people from said city don't understand that anything you do is no better than what they do, and vice versa. It's better to accept that they just aren't worth your time of day, for the time being. If they come across your path again maybe they'll have adjusted their attitudes to accept people that don't live in their general vicinity.

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just do it cos you enjoy it it's tht simple. I'm not the best spinner around but i know fullwell that i'm alot happier when i spin than many others i've seen. That makes me better than them in my opinion. I still remember why i spin

for my enjoyment not others

That is all i have to say

Keep spinning
Keep stringing
Keep smiling

x Tennis x

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Dont let others ignorance cloud your motives.

Be true,


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I'm sorry that you had that experience. Not everyone in Austin looks at things that way. The people I've met have been very open-minded and willing to share their knowledge.

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Just remember that they came to San Antonio to party, so if Austin is really all that whay are they even there?

I have to admit that I am pretty competative, and like to be the best. I have even embarased a couple of people when they show up at my club ( I work there). But at the same time, I only embarass those people who have an aditude about their abilities, and won't listen to the club rules about spinning. I also make it a point to try and teach anyone who want to how to spin, or any moves I know.
As for my competative streak... It is with myself. I want to be the best for ME, if someone pulls something I don't know how to do, I congradulate them on it, then spend the next week beating myself to death figuring it out. I NEVER get an aditude with someone about being the best (unless I am compeating for a job, but that is a different story).


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just put a couple split shot fishing weights on your poi and spin *real* close to those dudes. bring your friends.

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wow, I've been to a bunch of raves and I have never had a bad experience. You can even wack people with your glowsticks and THEY will appologize to YOU!!!

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You can also do as a friend of mine does and get mad at people for running into your glowsticks while you are dancing.

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