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Posted:ok I just learned how to btb weave but I can't get the 360. I keep hitting my back, ankles, and face.... it sucks will someone please help me!!


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Posted:BTB weave forward!! + backward !!= turn left + right!!! One weave to antoher...change!! Train it !!!!




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Posted:Ok, This move was by far the hardest move for me to figure out. Like most other moves, you should be able to be able to spin with your eyes closed right? it's just like that, it's all just feeling it sense u have no visual sense of where your hands are at the time. First off start off by learning the reverse BTB weave, this is difficult because unlike the regular BTB weave the string sometimes gets caught on your elbows if they stick out too much. The best way to avoid pain while learning this (which is the true problem) is to practice with something soft i have tennis balls on shoelaces that i spin with for practice, and they don't hurt, but you must keep in mind that u can't just become careless and let them bounce off u all the time, use them until u get the move down well enough then go back to you're regular poi. Now that you have learned the reverse weave, you want to start turning with it, for me it is easier to do one continuous sweep across your back with the weave (even though this is kind of cheating) this is a lot easier to do because it does give the effect of you just spinning with them behind your back in circles, but you never fully get the poi in reverse and doing the weave reverse too, u skip a whole side and start over. dunno if that's confusing, but that's what this is all about. it takes time, if you don't feel like making something softer that's up to you, infact it's proven that harder things make you learn faster. this is because if you keep hitting yerself in the same places subconsciencely your brain sez "Hey if my hand goes here that equals a lot of pain! OUCH" so without you noticing, and you keep doing the same thing over and over again it will eventually work out to be right because your brain fixes the problem for you without even knowing. Hope that helps you, it just takes time, it will eventually click and you will be able to FEEL IT, just like any other move when u get it right for the first time


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Posted:first learn the btb weave forwards and reverse. then start doing one and just turn your body realy fast 180 degrees. if all goes well you will wack yourself about 200 times, and magicaly you will start doing it right ocationally, just do it. just turn, the wackings will teach your body what is correct.

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Posted:so vicky, ur trying to cheat your way into the 360 huh? Coudn't take my advice on how to do it. You will never be as good as me u pathetic poi wannabe.... j/k

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Posted:So is this move just turning in the btb weave from forwards to reverse and going around in circles doing it? I just learned the forward btb today, it's not extremely pretty but I can hold it for as long as I desire, I still look kind of spaztic doing but darnit I can do it Havn't even tried it in reverse yet, I'm pretty weak with most reverse moves.

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