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Ok I have been experimenting a little with wraps over the last few weeks and haave come up with a nice little combo, here goes :

1. Chase the Sun
2. Stick right leg out and wrap both poi on inside of leg
3. Pull back then immediately wrap both poi on outside of right leg
4. Pull back then you have 2 options ( a. or b. )

5.a. Standard beat of chase the sun then stick out left leg and wrap outside of leg, pull back and wrap inside of leg, pull back and go into forwards weave on LHS of body (or CtS or Windmill).

5.b. As soon as you pull back to release the poi from your right leg drop the right leg and extend the left leg. You can now wrap outside left leg, pull back and wrap inside left leg, then pull back and go into weave (or CtS or Windmill).

(The main problem I had with this move in the beginning was a balance thing, trying to balance while quickly changing the leg that I was standing on and thinking about where I was wrapping the poi next, kind of got me into a bit of a wobble/stumble the first few times so I highly suggest practicing without fire for the first few attempts)

Hope this is explained well enough,

Mark P

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