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I came up with this wrap combo a little over a year ago, and have yet to see anybody else do it. I think of it as my signature combo when I spin, and I always get a positive reaction when I perform it.

Starting with a normal weave...on your left side, wrap your right poi around the left wrist, over the top of the wrist, turn half right, wrap both poi around the right leg as if you are going into a butterfly, then you will be doing a double wrap, the left poi will go around the right arm as the right poi will wrap on the right leg just above the knee (your right leg will need to be kicked out in front of you to successfully perform this wrap), after you have performed the double wrap, do another wrap with both of them around your right leg (keep your leg up while performing this wrap as well), put you leg down, then do another wrap with your right poi around your left forearm in the front over the top of the forearm, bring the right poi behind your back far enough to wrap it around the left forearm from behind your back, and then do just that (you may need to move the left arm farther back so the two, your arm and your left arm and the right poi can meet somewhere in the middle), bring the right poi backaround from behind your back and do another wrap on your left leg (again your leg is kicked out in front of you), going directly from that wrap to another, you will have your left arm above your left leg, then you are going to wrap your right poi around the left forearm on the bottom of the forearm, then you are going to wrap the same poi on the same arm (this time on the top of the forearm), then you will go back around the back doing another wrap around the left forearm (same wrap as before), after doing this wrap you will kick your right leg out behind you ar enough that you can do a wrap around your ankle, then do just that, put your foot down, wrap the right poi around your right bicept so the poi is going away from your face on the top, then do another wrap around the same bicept, this time the poi should be going towards you on the top, then from that wrap, wrap it around the back of your neck.

You should take all jewelry off before doing this, or you might catch a snag and get burnt, some people might be sciddish about kneck wraps using fire, and you don't want to lose any hair, wear a bandana.

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