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Posted:Last night I span for my first audience Totally shat myself before hand. I did know quite a few people there mostly old school friends, but none of them knew what poi was which helped in keeping them in awe for a while.It was well worth it even though I singed my head twice as I forgot my beanie and my shirt was pretty messed up too! I am still quite a way from charging people for a display but it was fun and helped me sort out the nerves at least
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peace pyro

handlebar moustaches are funny :)

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Posted:Thats awsome man, the first performance, atleast in my experience, is always the one you remember the most. Ha, in my first pseudo public performance i hit myself in the face so hard i was bleeding. all in good fun right. Keep spinning the more u practice and perform the more enjoyable performances are for you and the crowd.------------------bring light into the night

Its all in good, clean, light producing fun.


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Posted:Ha! Funny you should say that, I did the same thing last Friday. Some girls were doing poi in the pub and I stepped up to have a go and 'show off' a bit. Went OK til I smacked myself in the face and cut my eye. I didn't realise until I wiped the sweat from my brow and saw my hand covered in blood
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Don't think I made much of an impression! (Though I did earn some sympathy points
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Posted:I was rolling for my first burn. I've come along way since then. How do you know when it's time to start charging ppl? I've had many a crowds now. Over this weekend I got asked a couple times where the tip jar was.

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