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i have always noticed that people are better at one of the base moves than the other.. (butterfly or weave).
just wanted to know how naturally poi came to you (was it just easy to learn or did you have to really work at it?) and which you found the easiest, so far i have found that weave people (like myself) seem to be more rare (and i dont want to sound arrogant) but they also tend to find learning poi easier??
admittedly it took me alot of work for the butterfly and it is still weak but just wondering thats all... so i guess it is a kind of poll so answers please!

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weave was far far easier, altho also learnt much later in the curve.

poi was not easy for me to learn, and still isn't particuarly easy to learn, with the one crazy exception of the reverse weave, which i learnt ten minutes after landing the fwds weave.


not a bad topic idea.

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why thankyou...
just always something i noticed when teaching people so thought i ought to put it to a wider audience...
the weave thing i think came from doing staff like stuff at school in eurthymics... fun oh the joys of steiner! at least it came to some good

There are 10 types of people, those who understand binary and those who dont.
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I learned the butterfly first but am still only mediocre at it it took me awhile to learn the double crossover(weave)but once i got it forward my mentor sai "good now do it back wards"(i almost hit him with the glowsticks)but it came faster than i expected .i wouldnt say it comes easy ,but maybe easier than most.

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I learnt the moves in much the same order as they appear on this site in the poi-lessons. Before I found this site I could do the raver-variant corkscrew (short strings 3-5 inches long, done at arms length) and was working on my figure-8. Four hours after finding this site I could do all the "basics". Weave, windmill, butterfly, mexican wave, etc.

After just re-examining the lessons page it seems to me that either my memory is shot, or the move order has been shuffled. I think I learnt the weave first, though I could be mistaken.

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Originally posted by ajtag:
the weave thing i think came from doing staff like stuff at school..
yay! another Annie Lennox fan!!! you rawk!

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i found the weave to come to me the fastest. but then aain..on the first day i was doing the weave,corkscrew,butterfly ect. anyway. i spent 6 hours non-stop at first then went inside because my group made me eat. i SO didnt want to put the poi down. then i went back to work for another two hours till my hands bled. i still have scars on the sides of my fingers form it. but the first time i lit up was worth it. i look at em kinda fondly now, the scars that is. but..i am rambling on about off topic stuff so...weave all the way..and poi came naturally to me..it was so much like a flow that i just went with..

its to dying in anothers arms and why i had to try it......

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ok so there is some one who fits with the theory natural weave...

and bender... " Annie Lennox fan!!! you rawk! "


There are 10 types of people, those who understand binary and those who dont.
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I am into believing that I do both equally proficient. I have never really had a problem doing either. I learned the butterfly first, but that was because of my limited exposure to the art of poi.

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Ooo, I hated the buttefly for so long. It seemed that even when I was doing it properly, the chains would tangle for no reason and then -BAM- and I'd get a poi straight in the face. It took me forever to be able to do properly, and I'm only now able to switch from trick to trick without having to do loads of steadying (sp?) beats inbetween.

Now I'm learning splittime butterfly stuff and it's right back to square one.

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The whole poi stuff is not that common over here, so i saw it on a trance festival and we tried it the whole day (with two tennisballs on the ropes of our tents) getting blistles on our fingers. That was the beginning, i couldn't stop.
I like the weave better than the butterflies don't know why. It's kind of floating.. *shrugs*

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I learned the butterfly and the weave pretty much at the same time but the weave for me was definately easier to get the hang of and do smoothly.

I have also noticed that some people have a style that focuses mainly on butterflys, alternate combos, etc. and do very little w/ the weave moves, which is kinda cool looking. Then again I guess a really good twirler can use both moves interchangeably.

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I learnt the butterfly first, then went onto corkscrews + turns & stuff before getting to the weave. Took a wee while to get the weave but much prefer it to the butterfly. Didn't find either that hard - my problem is getting my brain to understand where my arms are supposed to go in the first place! If I can understand a move mentally then it doesn't take my body that long to catch up!

I can do btb weave (apart from a slight stamina issue with my left arm) but can't do btb butterfly yet... maybe I'm a weave woman after all... ?

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i learned the butterfly on my first day. after a few more days i learned all the variations of the butterfly except for the alternate/mex wave. then yesterday, i learned the weave and the mex wave. i think im equally good at the butterfly and the weave. its not too hard to for me to learn poi, but its not super easy or anything.

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I personally learned the weave years before I had even heard of poi. I was into medieval recreation stuff (much more for sport than role playing), and one of the local badasses showed me how to do the weave with swords. More importantly, he showed me how useful it was to be able to pull out of the weave at any point to strike. It still scares the hell out of the newbs!
Much later I saw a pair of poi on the wall at a juggling tent in the French Market and asked what they were for. =) I got a little demo and suprised the shop owner by throwing down the weave. Needless to say, I was pretty hooked and bought a set.
I've been practicing pretty much every day for about 4 months now and have had little to no trouble learning every "trick" here. To tell you the truth, the hardest move for me to learn was the chase (aka: simplified weave) and still takes the most fore-thought to not screw up.
Butterfly moves are still somewhat like a foreign language to me, but I'm learning to speak fluently. I'd definitely agree with the theory as far as it effects the learning curve. Eventually though, things will even out if you want them to and practice, practice, practice.

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