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Posted:Hi, I'm kind of new to techno, and rave. I started getting into it a few months ago and on and on i started getting more and more into it. i downloaded some videos of people dancing, and i saw people doing liquid dance. i was really impressed, and i been trying to do it, but failing miserably. i was wondering if someone could give me some tips on how to do it, i'd appreciate it.

are there places where someone can teach people how to dance like this? If you have any info, about this or want to give me some tips please respond to this. or you can email me at LedZeppelin@myrealbox.com thanks alot


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Posted:this is for my message i posted before are there videos that teach you how to liquid dance that i can buy?


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Posted:House of Rave

I think that's the right link.



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Posted:quote:Originally posted by Dan25000:
this is for my message i posted before are there videos that teach you how to liquid dance that i can buy?www.lpclabs.com

the only liquid instructional video out. Teaches you liquid fundamentals and digitz fundamentals. Great for beginners, crappy for anyone who's been doing it longer than that.


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Posted:Drink lots of water.. you will start flowing in no time!!

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Posted:This may sound funny, but if you practice liquid in a swimming pool, it makes it easier to grasp... You reallly have no choice but to flow in a pool. That's how I learned

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