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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Hello all,

Im having trouble turning whilst doing the BTBW, im assuming i need to be able to do this forward and reverse to reach my goal.

I dont have any trouble going from the reverse weave to behind the back, but i cant and dont understand how to go forward BTB.

Any tips would be most appreciated



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Mark P
Mark P

old hand
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Posted:I still have not cracked BTBW as yet but woody has, he has said that reverse is a lot easier than forwards.

Have you tried starting in reverse btb and then thinking about a normal 180 weave turn and trying to apply it to the btbw?

Mark P

DJ Dantana
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Posted:ok, this is how I learned. Learn the btb 2 beat first (It is easier)...do the BTB forward and reverse 2 beat both ways (right over left and left over right) Then learn the 3 beat btb weave forward and reverse. Then start twirling and just turn. It doesn't matter iff you hit yourself, because you will, many times in fact. But you will eventually do it right on accident, and after that you will eventually do it right again. I think you can see the pattern. visualization sometimes helps too. observe what your hands do as you turn in a regualar weave. notice how your hands follow eachother low in a forward to reverse turn, and follow eachother high in a reverse to forward turn. the same applies to BTB.

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fluffy napalm fairy
fluffy napalm fairy

Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Hey strugz - how's things? thanks for the mail and I'll reply when I have a chance

You'll never guss what Ros has been doing with her fire poi? - BTB weave Turns! Whaoo wahay! And all the other stuff I wanted to learn at glasto!

When in rev BTB weave turn anticlockwise when poi are on the right of your body.
(effectively turn away from them instead of towards them as you would would if you were in the normal weave)

When in forwards BTB weave do the same. ie: poi reach right hand side of you and you turn to your left.

Same as normal weaves - start with 180 degree turns.

hope that helps. let me know how it goes.
I spent a lot of time with very bruisd thighs and cheeks and found it's easiest with medium length chains. Just keep going and you'll suddenly find it'll click!
Today i got smooth transitions from normal weaves to btb and adding in random turns too. huge fun

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Posted:again, ros, ya've illustrated a move i can't do well. thanks! now to make up an excuse to leave work early to try out said move... damn I can't be pregnant twice in one year...

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Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Southampton - Possibly...
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Posted:Well well, slowly it all becomes clear

Thanx for all the repliez everyone, sweet as.

I can now visualise what im supposed to do, just a matter of time before i can do it, i havnt had the chance to try yet, Bender, leaving work early is a fine idea, i may have to try the pregnant excuse


"...We don't stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing......."


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Posted:This is best learned by first practicing spinning forward and backwards behind your back. After you get that the transition will come to you in only 10-15 minutes of practice. It really is THAT easy.

It comes down to you doing a forward btb weave, turning around, and you are doing a backward btb weave, whether you like it or not!

Just learn it both ways and it will come pretty easily.

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Posted:Bending over forwards helps too, cos it gets your shoulders out of the way, but dont let this become a habit, it looks (and feels, which is MUCH more important anyway) a lot better if you're standing up straight. good Luck

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