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Posted:well peeps i need music to practise with and would like some specific!!! tracks u guys and galls like to twirl with (note title+band!!! i never remember these things)
right now i use an eclectic mix of clannad fairport convention and farmer boys (yes celtic folk and metal)

will add clawfinger later that week for some reason the beats of nigger (sorry but that's the name of the song) seems to go real well with the butterfly stuff.

now what i really need is a song that goes with weave type thingies i just can't get one that sorta fits the/my rythm (note to self maybe a walz??).

so please practise/spin/dance music titles from u to lil ol'moi.

do polkas work??
dies ire from mozart might .....


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Posted:I like using drums, mostly. The AfroCelt sound systems are really good.

Right now my friends John and I are putting together one LONG cd of music especially for poi and other fire dancing. If we're <i>ever</i> done, I could send them to people who are interested (this is just for fun, so we're not out for the money.) However, if too many people are interested, we may have to start charging $$ to buy more burnable CDs. ^_^

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Posted:hey I'm interested add me to the list

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free downloads, GREAT music. I reccomend Walk to Earth for a nice challenge. its a fast song indeed. Listen to as many as you can, and download em too Most of their songs are pretty good.




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Posted:when i was first learning, and even now, i used the Amile soundtrack. there are two songs in english that im not terribly fond of, but the rest varies in speeds but it also easy for beat counting. i also enjoy a mashup of Enya vs. Prodigy (lenlow edit), done by Ape Boy, i think.

im doing a lot more staff right now, and for that i really enjoy lots of dubstep. when i practice poi using it, i find its really, really useful for stalls. particularly, im having a great time with DJ Ripley and Dr Philth.


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Posted:My FAVORITE to hoop to is Milk and Honey, or Lady GaGa. Burning I like anything tribal smile

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Posted:Ok, so go and download Gotye - Like Drawing Blood

it's a bloody incredible album and is really good for spinning. It's the perfect length for a good practice session (45-60mins).

it's got slow bits for breaks or changing between the poi you want to practice with. it's got amazing beats that sync really well with weaves. especially track 4 (coming back) which i love and think is a great song to perform to. I actually just did a performance last weekend to it and it went down really well with someone coming and asing me specifically about the music.

seriously... download it... listen to it... practice to it... love it!




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Posted:I prefer to spin to dubstep, pretty slow and you can actually go with it heh
artist like Rusko, Boxcutter, BassNectar, some of Zomby stuff, Benga etc.

but here is a really good website

go on radio and type any kind of music you want and it already makes a playlist for you wink enjoy


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