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Posted:Anyone who have suggestion to a build-up of a show? Sort of like when the Dj is planning his set. Let's say have 8 minutes to use. Nice with feedback.
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Posted:Well alot of the build-up of a show has to do with ones own personal preferences...but starting with simpler moves...heading into the more difficult ones kinda goes without saying! Speed works well too...if you can speed it up at the peak of the show...go for it...Ive also noticed that starting with one-handed poi and morphing the one into 2 works rather well as a builder!!


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Posted:So what you're saying is you have to coreograph the show, not just do it freestyle?

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Posted:I think she/he was just inquiring for more of a like she/he said.."dj type thing" I mean, ya, freestyle is always great, but sometimes its cool to have a coreographed show...especially if you do the coreography yourself. Now, that doesnt mean ALL the time...but once and a while. Its the same thing as saying you NEED to have a costume when youre performing....No, not true, but the costume can definately be fun. Its all preference.

Besides, honestly some people just arent very good at freestyling, especially while performing *nerves and such*
This is coming from someone who MC's...its not so easy sometimes!

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Posted:I think everything gotta be at the rythm of the music:p
the coreography depend of the music ithink
for me poi dancing is nothing if you dont have fallowing of the music well at least thats my opinion

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Posted:I think it depends on what angle you want to take for your show.

If it's a busking/outdoor type thing you might start out with talking to the crowd or jokes or the whole "let start clapping so everyone else in the park will come over" trick...

Or you could go for a more serious set walking through a fog machine, "I'm too cool to interact with the audience", I'm a badass type deal.

See what works for you and run with it.

I think there can certainly be drama in lighting up and "playing with fire" at the beginning. Though if you have three sets of chains you can easily fill 8 minutes just spinning.

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