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Posted:I 've done poi maybe four or five time, and the first few were great, I used lamp oil and got a long burn time. But recently I've tried kero and one of my wicks goes out while I'm spinning, and it looks horrible, any ideas why it goes out, I'm using towel wicks and soaking in kero for a day.

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Posted:the tightness of the wick could have alot to do with it. that will determine how much fuel is absorbed into the towel. it is hard to get two towels to absorb the same amount of fuel so to not end up with one going out first, spin them really fast when they are about to die out to put them out. this will also cause less wear and tear on your wicks.

oh yeah, and this probably should've gone into technical discussion.

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Posted:It is not hard to get two fireballs to absorb exactly the same amount of fuel.
I've posted this before, but all you have to do is measure your fuel. Get a little beaker and pour 2 oz. fuel into it. Pour that on the poi. Repeat. Done!
Try to spin it off. None, right? That's the perfect amount of fuel.