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Posted:ello all...

well ive got the tricks on the Poi Lessons site down pat, (well to be honest still working on those damn btb moves.....), plus the fountain i think its called..
i can tie em all together.. but no im left pondering a few things....

were to go now..? (im trying to get wraps happening)

and is there any way that i can get in a BF from other moves... (other than just stop the move and start doing the butterfly.... this kinda breaks up the ruotine a bit...)

any help much appreciated..



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Posted:who's pat.?
Have you tried tying your poi together as well?
I do it all the time.
and yes.

1) dance and explore different ways and styles
2) learn to spin ultra slowly but still cleanly on time and shape
3) play and experiment. its the most fun
4) Watch the videos on the site and get some of the col videos
5) take up contact staff
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Posted:Search through the archives of "poi moves"... Learn them all.

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]


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Posted:Play with transitions so you can move smoothly between all your moves. As for moving between bf and weave variations, see the "transitions" thread.


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Posted:hey there. I went through this about 3 weeks ago!
here's what I did:

A; stick some music on close your eyes and just spinn.

b;Like glass said learn to spinn really slow and then just start moving about ,spinning in circles lay on your back, just see were thepoi want to naturally go and move your body and arms out of the way,

c;have fun and just go with the flow


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Posted:Wot glass said. Knowing listed moves is only one part of good poi spinning. Practice, explore, develop your style. And smile

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Posted:were to go now..?

Just keep spinning and see where it takes you.

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Posted:Ur wait is over fellow poi'er.............
i can answer ur wrap sensation as well as other entering ways to the BF

well u got the weave down so.......when ur doing the weave....(got this from cool brother)...go to ur most comfortable side and then have ur chosen hand continue just a normal foward swing ehil ur opposing poi will wrap around ur arm...(get it? hope so email me if ur clueless) then when u unwrap ur poi it will be going against the grain and be doing a Butterfly!!! or a reverse butterfly (starting from bootom depending on which arm u wrapped). ta dah!.....to bend ur might, stick out ur leg so then ur butterfly wraps around it(both strings). when u unwrap, it will be doing an opposite butterfly......im if a fag with no detail tell me and ill give u mor. As 4 now, practice those trix i told u and practice ur wraps without downing on ur speed.....helps alot

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Posted:i've got a good trick whats your e-mail address?


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Posted:Hey Burns if you've got a good trick why not post it here then everyone can benefit from it? To email some one click on the symbol of and envelope and a person in the top of their post.
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