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Posted:Hi I did a search but I didn't find much ... soo was just wondering whether many people have played around with 2 sets of poi at once. What different moves they have pulled off and how they pull it off as I'm finding, like when learning any new poi move, that they like hitting my head alot. any help would be great.. What moves should I start with ???????
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Posted:for two sets of poi I would suggest looking at double staff moves. that seems to translate better to the double poi.

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Posted:jonathan, from nz, used to pop in every now and again to share his 4 poi experiences, maybe do a search on 'jonathan'......


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Posted:I've just started this, so I'm only doing two poi in one hand. I'm practicing by keeping the poi swinging together in parallel, on the index and ring fingers. Then it's corkscrew, butterflies and weaves

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Posted:quote:Originally posted by Stone:
I've just started this, so I'm only doing two poi in one hand. I'm practicing by keeping the poi swinging together in parallel, on the index and ring fingers. Then it's corkscrew, butterflies and weaves Yeah, I've been doing the same thing, got a crappy little weave down, don't know if it actually looks much like one though and I used to be alright at the one handed butterfly, could bring it behind my head and such, but stop doing it for a while and now it's pretty weak.

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Posted:I've been playing with the one handed stuff Aiming to do 4poi at once. I hold one handle in my index finger and the other on my little finger, for me this nakes it easier to keep them apart. Doin the weave I do kinda half a wrap with the poi on my little finger on each side to get the extra revolutions. Note this is all leading with the poi on my index finger, This can then be transfered all over the body in pretty much the same way as you do with the weave.
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Posted:I hold em like spike and have only got as far as corkscrew and am dabbling in figure of 8;which is over the same arm, not across body (but I suppose that could be done too), which I know can be done as my mate came down from Brighton and said 'look at this'! hurumpf:) Since you can actually do it on both arms that escilates up to 4poi together, which I cracked only this week end. Got a wow and impressed the chicks though, which is always good!

As for butterfly I use a diferent method, which may or may not be good practice, but I slip a finger out of one hand and pinch the strap into my index finger of the other hand, which still has the strap to the other poi. I find you can move about too and it enbles various ways of overhead stuff. And you can grab back to both hands.

As an aside on that, when I started, a Kiwi chick showed another, which is a one handed cartwheel. How she did it I dunno, I was three days in and couldn't speak as I had just cracked the weave!

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Posted:It's all just practice..

However, I had more success actually putting both poi on my middle fingers and running the chains inside my hand and out between my thumb and index finger and under my pinkie.

You actually let go of them during the middle of the rotation (they stay on your finger of course), but I found this easier than the index, pinkie combination - although very hard to switch from two to one hand mid spin.

Also, keep the poi close to your body (I know more hits but..) it is easier to keep the poi in the correct planes. As well rather than left side of body to right side, do them side to side of your head. (again, more hits, but less pulling them out of the correct planes).

Once you start to lose them in one handed weaving etc.. it seems very hard to get them back into the right orbits cause you can't correct one without pulling the other somehow.

I had 4 beat weave going but have not practiced one hand for a while.

Additionally, try linking your poi together and treating it as a meteor - this helps to get the correct wrist rolling but is a little easier IMO than true one handed poi. Switch back again when you've got the wristwork better.

One word of caution though (to the lads out there) - I was playing with my poi in this configuration - ie meteor - the other day and had great momentum up when I took a nad shot which put me on the ground for 10 mins - don't say you weren't warned.

Hope this helps some.

There are other threads on this topic - I started one myself not too long ago.



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Posted:I can't really add much to what everybody else has already said...BUT I will reiterate practice practice practice and be ready to be slapped up side the head, and on the nose, and the ass, and...for some reason I find the poi to be very unpredictable when there are more than two...it's like they want to gang up on you or something...so be careful..I ended up with a (rather painful) tangled mess of fire not long ago. But it looks great.

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