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  Posted: trust me I've looked for past threads!! I've just got the 5beat weave after a night of agh ooooph!!! and yes more gut renching hits to the jiggle berries . I tried to do it in reverse and thats where my head started to hurt. I'll get it eventually. just wondering if any one has any helpfull pointers from when they were learning it that might make it less painfull and a bit easier to understand,

cheerz Spike

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  Posted:I would assume that you hit yourself in the same place b/c that's where there is work to be done. It's like when you first try to learn the butterfly, or the 5 beat weave, which I think I only got once! I keep wacking my leg.

In either case, it does suck b/c it amplifies the pain.


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  Posted:I have been trying to get the five beat reverse weave for ages now and have to stop before I frustrate myself too much.

I think my biggest problem is not having seen anyone do it in person to then understand the logistics behind it.

*Sigh* guess I'll have to bandage my head up and carry on trying

as well as trying to master the one-handed butterfly with my 'left' hand.

It must be Thursday.
I never could get the hang of Thursdays