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  Posted: Hi,
I took up Poi about a month ago. One thing I noticed when learning new moves is that it really helps if you choose the right music to learn something new to.
For instance when learning variations on the butterfly, for instance, I listened something with about 60-80 BPM such as a nice bit a Dub or reggae.
If you're trying something behind your back or over your head or whatever with one hand keeping time to a nice slow beat helps your hands stay in sinc.
I learnt the weave to something a bit faster, say a nice cheeky bit of drum n' bass, cos you move your hands a bit faster. Does anyone else find this or is it just my imagination?

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  Posted:Hey Tommmy,
Welcome to HoP!
WHat you're saying makes a lot of sense. When do the weave, the Poi are in split time so in a way you get twice as many "passes" per rotation of your wrists as opposed to when you do the butterfly. DnB is also about twice the speed of dub or reggae, so if you find reggae is good for in in-time moves, DnB would be good for your split-time moves.
Good luck learning!



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Just started twirling last night!!!! Made myself some dodgy Poi with material and prussic loops!!!! Hopefully buy my first REAL set today!!

I definantely agree about the music.
I was twirling in my tiny-weeny lounge room with some Mr. Peculiar and Roni Size playing and it really helps keep the beat!

SO MUCH FUN!!!! I find the Butterfly the hardest, I can weave, but can't Butterfly, hmmmm!!!

Keep bouncin'



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  Posted:I definitely think this is true..

Even more so for getting fluidity and dancing with the Poi rather thn just "doing tricks".

A good piece of music makes you want to move with the rhythym. I also find that this leads to new combinations because you are concentrating on moving with the music rather than specifically what your hands are doing. The Poi seem to take over themselves and have a life of their own.

Poor choice in music has the opposite effect though for me. I remember a few times doing fireshows in Thailand and the "dj" would change the music to something inappropriate in mid stream and throw my rhythym right off.

Happy twirling.



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  Posted:Atleast to me music doesnt help me to learn move...
i can tell ya i love dancing with music... music tell me what move to do and in what mommnent and makes my twirling looks great:) while i move my body at the rhythm of the music too yeah!

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  Posted:Ya, music is more for flow than learning moves in my opinion. Most of the time when i was learning moves i'd just spin in my room with no music on and just concentrate on what i was doing wrong.