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Posted:WAH-HOO!!! I finally learned the btb weave!

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Posted:hehe, i almost put a post liek this up when i learned it...

still need to smooth mine out tho

congrats !

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Posted:Yay congrats! how did ya finally nail it? did ya shorten your poi? did you bend your knees more? twist your shoulders more? did you cheat and pray to Ganesha to help you?
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Saw the topic and just HAD 2 butt in! - When the btb weave finally clicked for me I was so exited I called a friend at work (interrupting a meeting no less!) and screamed down the phone - 'I've got it, I've got it!!'.
(She wasn't too pleased.)
Well dun!
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Posted:I did the same thing.. even though it still needs some work.. I finally got the idea down. Just a great feeling after trying to get it for months!!!

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Posted:The great thing was, my company literally paid me to learn it. Nothing to do at the job so I picked up my poi. Took me about three hours or looking at a reflection to see how my hands were moving. Then I added the poi.

I found that I was hitting myself more than anything but I had the poi hitting beats no problem so I leaned over more and boom!!!!! It just fell in place. I even checked to see if it was my lenght that helped me. But that didn't matter, I used about 3ft poi (i think)and it worked fine.

Even better. I origonally learned it with the poi going backwards btb and today, out of no where, I busted with the poi going forwards btb. I sound like a kid in the candy shop but this is just kick @$$!!! I can't believe I can do it! WOOT, WOOT!

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Posted:Oh, and a little praying helped too.

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Posted:Nice! It's a damn good feeling to get it, isn't it? I didn't really put any effort at all into learning BTB moves for a long time. When I finally tried to do a reverse BTB, it took about 5 minutes. Don't know why. I guess I had the basic movements so hardwired into my head that it just happened. Now, I'm not going to say it didn't look like crap for a couple of days, but I didn't forget it by the next morning either.

Bender, and anyone else, I found that the easiest way to learn is to start from a regular reverse weave. As soon as the right arm starts to come from the left side to the right, make an exaggerated movement upwards, and then swing hard towards your left calf. If you rotate just a little to the right, it will clear your legs. I use chains a little shorter than arm length, and it helped a lot to have extra weight on them. (Preferrably something soft!) That length will keep you from bashing your face. (Shoulders take impact so much better.) It takes a little while to get it going, but as soon as you get one side for all 3 beats, the rest will fall into place, and it will make sense. It's kind of like teaching yourself how to do a 4 or 5 beat weave. You don't really get it until you land it once. Then it just clicks. Hope that helped a little bit.

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