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  Posted: I can already do the 3 point weave, i just dont know how to do the 5 point. someone please explain.

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  Posted:Other than searching past topics I can't offer much advice on such a broad question. Check the Poi Moves section as well (that's where I learn't it).

And to go from the 3-beat to the 5-beat, you need to do 4 beats on one side first. Then when you untwist your arms on the other side and add the extra beat you end up with 5.

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  Posted:go here;f=3;t=000602

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  Posted:Umm...two things I thought you might consider...

5-POINT?? or 5-BEAT??

You posted a link to reply to this thread.

5-point weave (or at least my understanding) starts with a forward weave (I guess you could reverse all of these moves and do it as well) and follows through immediate transitions from the forward weave starting point, to 2 beats of a reverse on the right (behind you), 2 beats forward in front, 2 beats behind the head (windmill), 2 beats back in front, and 2 beats reverse on the left (behind you). It can also be called a 5-PART weave. The first part (or point) is behind you, #2 is in front to the side, #3 is over the head, #4 is in front on the other side, and #5 is behind you to the other side. But then again, I could be smoking crack like whoever made up the fountain...

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