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Posted:I was just messing around with two poi in my hand one on my pinky and the other on my pointer.. and all of a suden I did a weave... Unfortunately I can only do the weave once before it falls apart.. can anyone tell me how to make this move effective? and how to do other one handed moves?------------------May the fire of God burn its impression on your heart.

May the fire of God burn its impression on your heart.

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Posted:You can do one handed corkscrew too. I found it completely by mistake, but I can only do the bottom half consistently at the moment, tho the hand movement at the top is probably the same??I have one poi on my right hand, strings on the 2 fingers next to my thumb and the other on the other two. To start I have the poi hanging below my hand and move my hand in the same movement that the right hand makes for normal corkscrew (you have to exaggerate it though). I found that to keep them apart at the bottom you have to flick your wrist more and have your hand almost vertical, with your thumb at the top. If you do the opposite at the top they stay apart there too, allowing you to repeat the corkscrew. I've got to work on the consistancy though, cos at the moment a can only do it for a couple of beats.As for the weave, I haven't actually tried it, but its kind of the same as a corkscrew but turned horizontal. So I'd recommend concentrating on what you do with your wrist when it works and try to do the same again and again.Or someone who can actually do it could just step in and tell us how its really done..Hope some of that helps,Tom



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Posted:Hey, my mate tried a corkscreww with FOUR POI last night, and he almost bloody did it!! I have no idea how, but what Tom said seems about right. It looks a bit kind of random at first, but then for a second or two everything is spinning at the right speed and it just looks great.Phil


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Posted:The One-Handed is done the same way that a two-handed one(same direction), the poi on your index finger should be leading the one on your pinky finger. You have to use a LOT of wrist movements to keep them separated. It takes a lil bit of practice. A one-handed weave, can be accomplished as well. Same principle as above, except bertically. To get the extra beat in that makes it a kinda have to let it wrap around your wrist one time. When you bring them back to your other side, your hand will untangle itself. When you get good at doing one-handed moves, you should be able to accomplish circular one-handed weaves, as well as half of an alt-butterfly combo. Looks neato. Hope this helps..PLURRr




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Posted:Not sure who, but someone mentioned practising with a staff for some one handed stuff, even if only to learn how the wrist and arm move.

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Posted:mmm, ill back up using the staff for practice for one handed poi stuff, its basically all the same movements...and yeah, most of the one handed stuff requires lots of wrist movement, i can actually hear things popping in my wirsts when i do it, but thats just handed corkscrew looks very good, and its a fairly simple move to learn, as the poi will almost guide the hand through the movements...start with them going together, a half a rotation on top and half on bottom, then just by swiveling your wrist more you cna get em to seperate and voila! you have a one handed corkscrew...

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