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tonight I spinned in music first time. Till my whole body started to shake and I went very dizzy and I got very up. hum. im not a raver att alla and know nothing about it, i started with fire outside and hc but had such i good time i continued after tourches wwas of for many hours...should be beacoz exhaustion coz I have never felt like this before but since I havent slept och eaten or drunk water must be that think I read about that somewhere..well, I dunno. Gotta sleep I while now...

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I know the feelin I was spinning staff and poi around from 4pm till 6am and I still hurt :P

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You really need to be drinking lots of water when dancing/doing poi/anything resembling exercise in the humid hot nights out right now. It will make you sick as a dog if you neglect it.I feel you on the rush. One of the best feelings in the world is dancing or doing poi in a club for hours and then walking out into the night air. Your body feels almost like it is levitating.

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I used to practice to music when i first started out (staff). But my brother gave the cd player to his friends so that ended that. But as far as I remember it was a lot easier to flow without thinking too hard with some nice tunes playing.I really must get a CD player again . . .
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