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When im practicing, i usually try to practice with my eyes closed. This helps establish the poi as an extension of my body. Does anyone else do this? I remember seeing people at demf who thought they were the best cuz they had a blindfold on...whats up with that?

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I'm surprised how LITTLE closing your eyes messes you up. Clearly, balance and feel of the weight is much more important. I do it all the time. I'd never do a blindfold while spinning fire. Mostly cuz I suck.

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When you get used to something like this, your body's own internal joint motion sensors become more sensitive and useful than trying to use your eyes to tell the motion and position of your arms. One example is when I was younger, I used to play Nintendo with the controller behind my back. Made no difference, as the sensors in my fingers did a better job of telling me where my fingers were than my eyes would have. The same feeling comes with spinning with your eyes closed, you can still do the same tricks you are comfortable with.

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I often twirl with my eyes shut. I enjoy the sensation, and I think there are a few advantages:1. If you react to what you're seeing, you're already too late. Removing that information channel just removes a distraction.2. Along the same lines, I think you *feel* what you are doing more acutely--you are more aware of what your muscles are doing.3. You just get more into it. Well, I do.Some situations force me to have my eyes open, and that's OK, but I do enjoy doing it eyes-shut.

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I wish I was confident enough to twirl with my eyes closed... this one needs more practice before he'll even dare close his eyes for a second...

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i like to play with the crowd too much to wear a blindfold...

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I often practice with my eyes shut... its bizarre how it even makes things easier ... plus you can feel more of the music than the fence/trees/dog. Although when I'm practicing lit, I like to see the patterns I'm making... When I twirl in a performance I like to see what's going on around me. (For obvious reasons)

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I haven't tried blindfolded or eyes shut. But I often practice staff standing on a narrow beam, raised several about 18" off the floor. I do this for 2 reasons:1) it helps improve my balance and with it my concentration. Thus teaching me to know my limitations and not over-reach myself.2) when I drop it (or them, when I'm doing double) I have to climb down to retrive them. Which is, to say the least, mildly frustrating. So I try doubly harder next time to avoid dropping them.Seems to work for me. I have progressed greatly since i have started using this idea.

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I found it the most amazing thing to Poi with the eyes closed, but the heightening of awareness and space was fantastic!! best idea to date -- not sure as i'd do it with a blindfold though

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