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56 wraps!I have attempted to compile everyone's wrap postings into a comprehensive document. this is by far the largest listing I have seen. If anyone has any to add, please post! (:Butterfly wraps:1) Double Leg Wrap - on the downswing of the BF stick a leg straight out and wrap both Poi, then pull up on Poi to unwrap. now into the rev bf.2) Wrist/Leg Wrap - on the downswing of the bf, wrap right Poi on left wrist, and left Poi on right leg, into the rev bf.3) Wrist->Wrist/Leg Wrap - on the downswing wrap the right Poi on the left wrist, when it recoils, wrap that Poi on the right leg and at the same time wrap the left Poi on the right arm, that will put you into a weave by turning 90degrees to the left.4) Double Bicept Wrap - On the upswing of the Poi, without moving your upper arm, bring both forearms back to wrap both Poi on the biceps at the same time, then that will put you into a rev bf.(pretend you are fishing, and you are pulling back and forth on the fishing pole making th lure kind of surface and dive and that is the movement.)5) Hip Wrap - stand with your feet in a straight line(like you are walking a tightrop, with feet about a foot apart) now on the up swing you are going to do the motion of throwing the right Poi to the opposite side(you will end up looking like you are just spinning 2 circles on opposite sides of the body going opposite directions) but instead of letting it go to the other side you will wrap the right Poi on the right leg from the outside of the hip and the left Poi on the left leg from the inside of the hip. then bring the left Poi to the right side and you are again doing the normal BF.6) Double Circular Tricept Wraps - Start by doing a betterfly in front of you, wrap right Poi on left tricept. Meanwhile left Poi does circle in front while right Poi unwraps. Immediately wrap left Poi on right arm sticks out and does a circle in front while the left unwraps. Continue to repeat. It looks like two circles with spirals inside of them.7) Alternating Double Circular Tricept Wrap alternate (one wrap at a time) between a forward and reverse butterfly but without any extra rotations in between in the horizontal plane.8) BTB Shin Wrap - BTB buttterfly (coming in from the bottom direction) wrap the shin by sticking your lower leg out behind you, but keep your upper leg straight (bend your knee) on the downstroke. 9) BTB right arm/leg Wrap - on the upswing move your right arm to your right, like you are going to do a revolution behind the back, and when it comes to the top of its arc, wrap it on the right bicep, and at the same time bring the left Poi to the right side as well and wrap on the downswing on the right ankle(kind of bring your leg up like you are trying to kick yourself in the butt, except not quite that high) that will take you into the rev butterfly. from the rev BF you can do the same thing on the left side to go back into the reg BF10) Combo - right Poi left arm wrap, right Poi BTB left arm wrap, right poileft leg wrap, right Poi right leg wrap and left Poi right arm wrap, to both Poi double right arm wrap to both Poi both leg wraps to the weave.One-handed butterfly wraps (assuming that you are right handed)1)on the up swing you stick your left arm straight out and wrap the Poi around your arm, you can do this forever if you get it right, make sure that your right fist is pointing at the cieling when they wrap, this will give them room to move freely without touching. actually this works for every wrap, as long as you wrist is pointed at the point of the wrap.2)on the down swing wrap them both on the leg3)in between the up and down swing if you change your wrist movement from up and down to side to side real quick you can do a split time leg wrap on the left leg is easier.4) stick your left arm straight out behind you, and on the downswing of the Poi bring them over your head to wrap on the left arm.5)on the up swing wrap the Poi on the neck.6)at the height of the arc, bring your arm back like you are trying to touch your cheek and let them wrap on the downswing on the very same arm that you are holding them in.7)same as #1 except that you bring your arm in like you are going to punch yourself in the kidney and wrap it from underneath. 8)on the downswing stick it between the legs so the Poi comes up at your back and stick out your left arm and wrap the Poi on the upswing on that arm, and then when they get to the bottom of the arc bring them back in front of you.9)left arm wrap, right leg wrap, neck wrap, same arm (right)wrap on top, behind the head left arm wrap, same arm wrap from underneath, split time left leg wrapWindmill wraps:1)instead of bringing your right hand over your head again, wrap it on the left arm and that puts you into the rev BF.2)instead of throwing the right hand behind the head, bring both Poi to swing at the same time and wrap on the right leg inside of the thigh, that will put you into rev windmill or you can turn either direction to do a weave.3)bring both Poi to a same time swing again and wrap the right Poi on the right arm and the left Poi on the right leg.4)again bring the Poi to a same time swing in front and wrap them both on the neck(wrapping from the right side of the head to the left.) Corkscrew wraps:1)when they get down by the leg either wrap them on one leg or one on each leg.2)when the right Poi comes up, wrap that one around the neck and the left one either around the leg or do not wrap at all to go to a BF3)bring one down and wrap the lower leg (raise one leg as if to do your laces up on a chair or something) to switch to a mexi-wave. do the same thing from a mexi wave with the other Poi and you got a cork screw reversal Weaves1)when your right Poi gets to the right side it will wrap on the top of the left arm, do it twice once from above the arm and once from below and you will go back to the weave.2)when the right Poi gets to the right side swing the left and right Poi in sync and wrap both under the right arm at the same time.3)when right hand comes over to the right side, wrap under the left arm and the left Poi will go to the left side and wrap under the left arm.4)doing the crossover, leave your arms crossed and keep spinning them on your sides, bring your right Poi over to wrap on your left wrist and after that, just stick your right arm into the circle of the left arm and it will do a bicept wrap.5)when the right Poi comes to the right side, wrap that one around your neck and bring the left Poi to the left side at the same time and wrap that one around your left leg at the same time. that takes you into the rev weave. 6)7-beat weave wrap. Just keep trying to do the 7-beat and you'll wrap it around your hand the first couple attempts see if you can bring your arm up further when it does that to wrap around your bicept as you turn out of it.BTB weave wraps (assuming that you always go into it from the rev)1)when the right hand does its second revolution and the left hand comes over to the left side, you can wrap the right Poi on the left arm from underneath by the armpit. do it twice and you go into the BTB weave again.2)same as #1, except when you do the first wrap on the left arm, your left Poi will wrap at the same time on the left leg, into the other weave.(the one that starts from the regular forward weave.)TTN wraps1) Bicept Wrap -wrap on bicept during the inside beat. 2) Single chain wraps - Hold one chain in a normal circle in front of you and bounce the other one around. (forearm outside ankle inside thigh. whatever you can think of. Make sure you learn how to hold the circle with both arms. )3) TTN wrap on your wrists - You gotta move your arms up and kinda catch the chains around them. Each chain only does one circle before wrapping again. Be careful with this one. When I first did it with fire I tranced out watching it and kept doing it way to many times. Ended up getting my first 3rd degree burn. It also converts well into waist and ankle wraps while in the horse stance. This move is prolly the most creative everytime I do it, it always has a different pattern. Wrap Turns1)While spinning forwards, wrap both Poi on your upper arms, and as soon as they start to come up behind your back, rapidly twist at the waist, and let em unwind on the opposite side (and in the same direction). The Poi head should never come into contact with your skin. The Poi rotational velocity will *rapidly* increase, as they wrap, so you gotta go quick, or use LONG chains.Kick wrapsA. Front Kicks1)kick out and wrap(recoil) while doing a wind mill to reverse direction of wind mill2)kick out and wrap both on one leg (recoil) alternating legs randomlyB. Side Kicks3)from weave kick out with right leg and wrap both Poi on this leg, one at knee and one on thigh.4)regular forward swing, kick out and wrap (recoil) both Poi on one legC.Other Kick Wraps5)ever seen jumping jacks? spread your legs out fast while doing forward swing, wap right Poi on right leg and left Poi on leg leg at same time, then wrap from reverse spin, etc. (recoil)6)from a reverse butterfly raise lower leg behind you and wrap behind you on calf muscle to go into a forward butterfly. Arm wraps1) froward swing, wrap (recoil) off of opposite arm with Poi immediately followed by a wrap (recoil) on the same arm with the other Poi, then do same on opposite side of body. This is really cool looking from the side.2) during any butter fly or weave, wrap (recoil) on just one arm(or leg) at a time to move in between various butterflies and weavesduring weave (or whatever) wrap both on one arm, you can turn you body 180 during this to so as to keep doing the same weave.3) overhead (horizontal plane) butterfly- start doing a thread-the-needle. wrap (recoil) one of the Poi on your arm and spin body 180 and wrap the same Poi again an same arm to go back into the same butterfly, except your body will be facing 180 from start.4) arm wraps (recoils) from a forward swing wrap Poi on upper arm (both on one arm or both on different arms) or just one at a time.5)when doing simple fwd side circles, cross your right Poi on the downswing, and wrap the left bicep, turn left 90 degs into butterfly. 6)when doing simple side circles, as the right Poi passes your leg cross BTB to wrap the left bicep. I guess you could pretty easily go into a BTB butterfly from there...hmm have to try that Various1)while doing alternating sider circles, go BTL with one of em and then up and wrap a bicep, on the reversal just take it out the way it went in, or move your leg around to get jiggy wid it 2)of course, dont forget the horse stance (traditional martial arts - wide stance, with bent knees square shoulders and hips) wraps, fwd rvs, and alternating is the best I think. you can either wrap the Poi on the same side as the hand they are hanging from, or you can wrap the both on the same leg...the latter is harder, but I think more effective. You can also do it fwd lunge, wrap both, swap legs wrap both (from butterfly).3)Double inside thigh wraps - Throw em under your leg and do some manuvering to have them stay back there and wrap on the opposite leg before pulling them back out.Glowstick Meteor Slides/WrapsThese all keep the Poi spinning the same direction, and if done fluidly the audience will not even be able to tell what you are doing...heh heh heh all they know is you Poi keep changing color! They take lots of practice to perfect.1. from regular forward spin -upper leg wrap (upper leg) [you can do both at once, or even do it when you jump up high and bring your knees up and out] 2. From regular reverse spin -opposite arm wrap (upper arm) 3. from forward butterfly -wrap on fore arm. 4. Neck wrap from a overhead butterfly- (watch out for your eyes!) ------------------ [PLUR]-=Crazy Raver Dude=-


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i think this is one of the most helpful posts i've ever seen up here. i wish i found it sooner

good looks CrazyRaverDude


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hey what do i need to do a wrap.. its ok to try with a nylon cord tailed Poi, cause thats what i got??? or i need some other toy?? if i need it please tell me

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wraps are doable with tailed Poi.

Better to remove the tail though if possible, but entirely up to you.


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just wrap up the tails
getting some wraps and hyperloops together

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Sock Poi for the win!

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yes, but you can do wraps with tailed Poi, well, stall-things

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Wraps with tails works out fine, you just have to be more precise to keep the tails from tangling. It also depends a bit on material. For instance ripstop has a tendancy to cling to moist skin, so if you wrap a ripstop tail Poi on bare skin on a hot and humid day, the tails are gonna stick to you (in my experience).

I have some basic wraps and other tail stuff here:

- Sui

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*grumble* nice video, now i have to go practice *grumble*

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I'm not sure if this question has been asked before(im not a Poi virgin but im pretty close!!) Can u do airwraps and hyperloops w/ ball chains?

Thanks guys

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of course! You can wrap pretty much everything, socks are easiest as they're elastic, but yes you can wrap anything. Flags look incredible when they air wrap.... and wraps with fire is mental.

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