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Posted: I'm hurting to learn any new moves. Just wondering if any of you guys had any signature move that you've never seen any one else do or that rarely do.Here's mine, not really that difficult (actually at the time it was) but I've never really seen anyone else do it.Hmmm, how do i explain. Ok, right before a 5-beat weave on the left side going to the right side, instead of tucking your left hand around your right hand to continue the 5-beat, tuck your right hand under your arm pit and have your left arm outreached so there are 2 circles at your left side for one beat or how many you want... From there you can continue on to a weave or 5-beat and do it on the other side. It's a really cool looking move. If you have long Poi you really have to stretch or else the Poi hit each other.------------------[]Dhuong-Vu Truong==== []Dhunky ====[This message has been edited by phunky (edited 15 October 2001).]

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