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Posted:hello all! ok, here's the problem! i got my first ever poi set on saturday afternoon. it's now monday morning and they're still wrapped several times around my neck!!!!!! does anyone live near bracknell? i need someone to come and teach me how to use them properly! AND BEFORE I GET MY FIRE POI!!!!!!!!nix xxxps. if you're a paddler i could meet you at the tryweryn? nene? teesside???

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Posted:Sorry I'm not close or I'd help. But some advise is NEVER do a new move with your fire poi that you can't do a hundred times with the practice ones and not make a mistake!!!!!!



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Posted:Dude im also new in this... i just have been doing this for like one month i guess and ummm yeah i had the same problem in the begginng but after you get the coordination in yer hands you will do it better. you dont need someone to teach ya.. ilearn it by myself well watching ppl doing it.. my friend that does it just said me if the stuff i was doing was well done.. all is about the coordination with both hands well at least that was for me dunno for you or others... hehe but yeah would be easier if someone teach ya ;p hehejeez my english is horrible;p noone here speak spanish? ;p[This message has been edited by NightShade1 (edited 24 July 2001).]

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