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Posted:So this afternoon I was playing outside and started experimenting with throwing my Poi in the air. It was quite difficult at first but eventually i was able to throw one Poi at a time over my head doing 1/2 a revolution and then a full one quite confortably. My only problem is that my handles are made of leather which made catching them extremely frustrating, most of the time I had to catch them at the end of my chains. I'm still pretty new to all this stuff and was just wondering if any of you toss Fire Poi,. Also looking for suggestions on how to make my handles easier to catch. Thanks everyonegabi

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Posted:hey all .there's athing i do ,quite easy and i'm told it looks good. sometimes when i throw ,i " forget" to catch .so i'm left with 1 Poi in my hand ,and the other 1 on the floor .that's when i throw the 1 in my hand in the air (sometimes for 1 revolution,sometimes for 2),i bend over pick up the 1 on the floor,and then i catch the 1 in the air .and if u really wanna show off ,you grab the 1 in the air ,with your foot.


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