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Hello everyoneWell, my problem is the backward weave, i have been trying all morning to pull it off, but no matter what i do they always end up spinning forward doing a forward weave
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I have looked at the lesson for it on this site, and studyed the person's hands in the video, but i just cant seem to get it. I know if i can find an easy way to start it off i will get into, so does anyone have any suggestions? Im starting to get quite fustrated now
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Thankyou everyone,GoldenKrispy

giftedweaselBRONZE Member
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cross your arms more wrist-to-elbow that wrist-to-wrist


ShanerGOLD Member
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another way to think of it,... hope it helps wink

firstoff, remember to spin you're poi as slow as possible when you're practicing.

first practice both hands single beat reverse figure 8's infront of you with each hand seperatly until it's smooth

A: learn to do a 2 beat weave with you're right hand over the left all the time

B: learn it with you're left hand over you're right

another way to look at a weave is basically changing from A to B on each plane continuosly

Imagine a stubburn steering wheel,

first you steer hard right and you're hands go left,

then you steer hard left and you're hands go right,

-have a poi-less drive

-watch a video of the reverse three beat weave and let it play, dont use poi and just sit there trying to move you're hands in the same motion, keep at that for a while and until get a feel for it (maybe even try imagining where each poi is and count the beats after you get the motion right)

ok, lets get down to it

-spin A(right hand over) very slowly and when you're passing by you're right hand side steer hard right and move you're hands to the left

-everytime you get too confused, go back to the video and repeat.

should none of this be working and you're going completally insane with it you can always learn the staff 3 beat weave, it's pretty much thesame so once you get the staff 3 beat down you should be able to do the poi 3 beat aswell.

may the force be with you wink

PS: after you got that, I reccomend learning the fountain... it's an impressive looking move and shouldnt be too far away once you get to the stage where you've got both 3 beat weaves.

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forgiveninasongBRONZE Member
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I just want to say that this thread is AMAZING!!!

I thought I'd managed to get the backwards weave correct, but thought that it didn't feel right or look like the forward weave should do in reverse!

Anyway...I went on the tuition section and saw this thread and it helped me so much. I tried with the sticks, but couldn't fathom it.

Someone mentioned, though, about thinking about when you used to do backwards skipping in school, and something about that got into my head. I practised just crossing the hands over and then spinning them on each side...gradually, until all of a sudden, I could spin how I was supposed to!!!

I'm still kinda new to poi (have only done it since February), but can now do forwards weave, backwards weave, ftb weave, butterfly, angel wings and butterfly takeout!!

Next, I think it's going to have to be like...barrell roll or something. Or maybe just tidy up my backwards weave.

Thanks guys!



Sarah_PBRONZE Member
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This is what worked for me: make sure you can do the forward weave first. I learned by doing the forward weave for just a couple spins, then reversing the poi back on what I just did and allowed my body to pick up the pattern it already knows (albeit in a reverse fashion) - basically I followed the trails my poi had just gone. Then just keep on doing it until your brain finally gets it.

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I'm having major issues trying to clean up my planes with BTB reverse 3bt weaves. The first rep is clean, but after that my planes go from wheel planes on my sides to flailing all over the place with some wall plane behind me thrown in.

I usually hit myself in either the front of my left or right shoulder/elbow, which ends the spinning =(

astonSILVER Member
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Twist you body more. Try to do the weave behind you, and move it more to the side as you get more comfortable.

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hooza angelSILVER Member
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ok i can get the reverse started but 4 som unfathomable reason in the middle my flows start moving the same time, but still goin reverse. and im not sure how i manage this, has ny1 else had this problem?

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Im guessin this is a three beat weave
if so then great,i can tell you how i learnt in less than half an hour,a day after forwards three beat weave
I was just thinking how to do it,then i sarted doing a reverse cross,then i did a reverse two beat weave(try to think of it as a split time reverse cross)
Then i applied the rules fro this video into doing a reverse three beat weave


Then i reversed the roles,i started doing a split time reverse spin an then got my two beat weave

Then to get my reverse three beat i applied those same instructions from the vid into reverse

NOTE: when the left had is on the bottom it goes UNDER and then OVER rather than the forward three beat weave going OVER and then UNDER

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