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Posted:with the led attached to the end of ur glowstick with a splitring toss one glowstick up and catch it in the elbow joint not open ur arm quick to pop the glowstick up and catch it and simply continue raving the led lights jus give an added effect

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Posted:a great wrap I've done when I've given all I have, is I guess you would call it a chicken wing wrap or something, well anyway, spinning forward wrap your right Poi right upper arm and right wrist, left Poi left upper arm and left wrist, the only way to do this is to make a chicken wing, then as they spin in reverse, do it again, only this time they will be coming toward the palms of your hands, Now catch them. Takes a little work, but possible. Then just simply walk away.Eric(not recomended for fire twirlers)(remember, I warned you)------------------If a nuclear bomb went off, we'de all be giant glowstix, think about it, spinning with your two best friends would have a whole new meaning.

Its about talent, not make up or costumes.