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Posted:Can someone explain to me the method of going from a weave to reverse or vice versa by sticking out one leg, having both poi hit the same side of the leg, then come out into the reverse direction? Ive seen it done, but I can't see it.

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Posted:hey,I dont do this move, but I'm sure I could if I wanted to
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you have to be familiar with wraps that actually wrap (unlike the psuedo-wrap) and reverse direction on the unwrap.If you can do that all you have to do is aim both of the chains at the inside of the thigh on one leg, with one chin aiming slightly further down the leg than the other, wrap and un wrap each in turn (can be concurrent) and go straight into a rvs weave.ok?the trick is to aim each poi at a slightly different section of your leg, that way they can both wind on and wind off without crossing each other.I should also add, that crossing the chains can cause them to lock up, in contact with your body. This is not good AT ALL. be very sure of yourself with wraps and with fire on your body, before attempting double wraps like this.good luck.Josh